Susanna Reid shuts down GMB Remainer in fiery Brexit row: ‘We’re not done!’

“If we had freedom of movement,” Susanna weighed in. “And had a bigger pool of a workforce we wouldn’t be facing so many of the problems we’re facing right now.”

“Certainly, yes…” Grace agreed as Susanna cut in: “Would you have voted for Brexit? I mean you did vote for Brexit.”

In a U-turn, Grace admitted she didn’t vote for Brexit, telling the host: “I voted remain.”

“But you were a leaver?” Susanna quizzed as Grace explained: “And then I got behind the popular vote.”

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Abbie Bray

By Abbie Bray

Abbie Bray is a TV reporter at She worked as a TV reporter for another national publication before moving to Express in March 2021. Previously, Abbie worked for regional Reach publication, Devon Live before making the move to London. She loves to write about all things Vera, Shetland and Death in Paradise.

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