How to live longer: The diet most associated with ‘super seniors’ – seen in the oldest old

Two dietary patterns were identified; a Western diet characterised by french fries, red meat, processed meat and a nutrient-rich diet which included fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds among other healthy food choices.

Higher scores for both dietary patterns were associated with increased odds of being a super senior, however, only the Western dietary pattern remained associated with adjustment for confounders.

The researchers concluded: “This study contributes new evidence on dietary patterns and healthy ageing in a Canadian population. The nutrient-rich dietary pattern was not associated with being a SS [super senior] after adjustment for confounders, but the highest quartile of the western dietary pattern was associated with greater odds of being a SS.

“This was in contrast to our hypothesis as the western dietary pattern was predominantly characterised by consumption of foods considered to be less healthy including processed meat, red meat, sauces and gravies, fried and non-fried potatoes, high sugar snacks, salty snacks and high fat dairy products.”

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Adam Chapman

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