Avoid picking up a hefty fine with these essential tips on driving abroad

With most Covid travel restrictions now lifted ahead of the summer months, those looking to do an overseas road trip should take note of some of the rules and regulations before heading away. Car finance experts Zuto has shared some top tips for those planning to drive internationally, while revealing some of the stranger things that drivers could be handed fines for on the road.

Prepare your documents
Depending on the country you’re travelling to, there are multiple documents you may need to ensure you take with you.

Firstly, ensure you pack the relevant documents before heading off on your holiday, this includes your licence.

It’s probably worth making sure that your licence is in date ahead of the trip to avoid any mishaps.

An IDP (international driving permit) may be required depending on where you’re travelling too as well.

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Do your research
Different countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to driving, therefore it’s important to do your research ahead of the trip.

In France, drivers could be fined for wearing headphones when behind the wheel.

Keep your cool, drivers in Germany & Cyprus could face a fine if they’re caught making rude or offensive gestures to other drivers.

Eating or drinking any snacks in Cyprus could get you into trouble with the authorities.

Make sure to stay fuelled if travelling on motorways in Portugal and Germany as it is illegal to run out of petrol on the road.

Carry a spare pair of glasses if you’re heading to Portugal, Spain or Switzerland as you could face a hefty fine if you require glasses and don’t pack a spare pair.

Travelling to Italy? Make sure to have the correct permits if you’re planning to travel through certain historical sites.

If you’re planning to rent a car, make sure to avoid smoking in the car as this could land you a fine in Greece.

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Check your car
The last thing you want to do is face issues with your car on holiday.

To avoid this, ensure that your car is up to date with its services.

Be sure to check your breakdown cover before making a journey as it might not cover you for overseas travel.

It’s also important to check your tyres are properly inflated with enough tread before going on any long journey.

Commenting on the research, Lucy Sherliker, Head of Customer at Zuto told exclusively: “With many Brits planning to go abroad in the summer months following the pandemic, it is important to be prepared and understand the laws in the countries you’re travelling to.

“Whether that is to make sure you have all of the needed documents such as your licence and international driving permit (IDP) or to pack all of the essentials for your trip.

“Additionally, if you’re planning to travel in your own car, ensure to check that your car is up to date with any services needed as the last thing you would want is to break down when enjoying your holiday!”

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