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Major new driving laws to be introduced in July will massively affect all UK motorists

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Drivers in the UK have already seen countless driving law changes this year, with new Highway Code rules and motoring fines. July will see a host of new regulations designed to boost road safety and reduce emissions, although drivers could find themselves embracing massive changes.

EU speed limiters

From July 6, all newly launched cars will be legally required to be fitted with a speed limiter in the European Union.

A Department for Transport spokesperson told Express.co.uk that a decision had not yet been made.

It was thought the UK would follow suit by adopting the safety regulations despite Brexit, as the Government has retained many EU laws for new vehicles.

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Electric car chargers

From June 30, all home and workplace electric vehicle chargers will be required to have smart charging capabilities.

The new laws are aimed at helping to manage the strain on the National Grid and prompt drivers to switch to EV-friendly energy tariffs.

It is hoped thousands of EV drivers will charge during off-peak hours, ensuring there is no strain and saving money at the same time.

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Felix Reeves
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