Every Call of Duty League teams’ player to lookout for during the rest of Major 4

The first weekend of the Major 4 Online Qualifier Matches have finished and that means Call of Duty Championships is even closer. There are many close races in the standings and intriguing storylines among teams and rosters during this final stretch of the season.

Heading into this weekend’s Online Qualifier Matches here are my players to look out for on every roster for Major 4. This list is not about each team’s best player, but yet, who needs to perform for each team to reach their potential.

Abezy, Atlanta Faze

Tyler “Abezy” Pharris can still be one of the most influential players on the map in the Call of Duty League. But, although throughout this year’s Call of Duty League the Atlanta Faze have been atop the points standings, they still have not one a trophy.

Atlanta Faze have made it to all three Major Grand Finals and were the runner-up in all three. This shows how close they have been and how little they need to do to get over the hump.

“Abezy” has been massively inconsistent all year and many blame it on his disliking of the current game, Vanguard.  Even with that said, his game needs to improve and if it does, look out.

He had a .93 K/D through Major 3 and in hardpoint, where he usually excels, it was a .89. If “Abezy” can show consistency in Major 4 and into Champs, Faze are a big problem for the rest of the league.


Vivid, Boston Breach

I know what you are thinking. How could Vivid be Boston’s player to lookout for in Major 4 after he was just brought in? I think that answer is simple, Boston made one of the best roster moves of any team all season but it needs to pan out.

Since the creation of the Call of Duty League, one of the many wonders even still, has been orgs roster making/moves decisions. Many times teams have made decisions that, from the outside looking in, make little to no sense and sometimes even digress rosters.

In this case, I would say it is the opposite. Boston instantly gets better with “Vivid” in their starting roster. The Breach decided to bench their young talent, Kenyen “Capsidal” Sutton and bring in the league’s most aggressive SMG player, according to statistics.

“Vivid” has drawn many harsh critics during this year’s season, but it solely has to do with his statistics and his former team did not set him up well. If he can continue to play his style and pair that up with the Breach’s other young talent, Dylan “Nero” Koch, Boston will ensure a Champs spot.


Hydra, New York SubLiners

 Paco “Hydra” Rusiewiez has been one of the best players in the game this season. That comes as a surprise to know one, but what has been surprising is his team, the New York Subliners disarray of a season.

As of right now, the Call of Duty Championships is a longshot for Subliners and that is quite disappointing for viewers and simply because it means “Hydra” will miss out.

There has been news around the CDL about problems within the NYSL camp and the way things stand, it is near-irreversible. Watch out for “Hydra” to continue to be one of the most impactful players in the league and if his teammates get hot, they may just have a chance.


Zero, London Royal Ravens

Trei “Zero” Morris and his team, the London Royal Ravens, have been surprisingly disappointing as of recent. Currently, the team is still in a CoD Champs spot, but after errant roster changes and lackluster lan performances the spot is slipping.

“Zero” has played an interesting role for this year’s Royal Ravens roster, as the one veteran on the team leading three young and very talented players.

In Major 3, “Zero”, had the worst average kills per 3 maps in the whole tournament and boasted a .92 K/D. If London wants to make a run in Major 4 or at Champs “Zero” has to be the one to lead the charge.


Kenny, Los Angeles Thieves

The Los Angeles Thieves have been possibly the most consistently inconsistent squad in Vanguard this season. Throughout the season the roster has shown glimpses of Championship caliber potential and at other times, a bottom-of-the-barrell team.

 The biggest reasoning for the Thieves inconsistencies this year has been their vet superstar, Kenneth “Kenny” Williams. He has been up and down all season and when he is up, they can be great.

During the Major 3 stage, “Kenny” had a .92 K/D and LAT still showed signs of life. They will need him to play well if they are going to secure one of the eight Call of Duty Championships spots.


Neptune, Los Angeles Guerillas

Travis “Neptune” McCloud has joined the Los Angeles Guerillas in place of Obaid “Asim” Asim. A roster move, that in many people’s heads, makes little to no sense. For that reason, I have him as the Guerillas player to lookout for.

“Neptune” had a rough go of things during his time at the beginning of the season with the New York Subliners. He will be joining LAG looking to once again try to prove himself for now and his possible future in the league.

LAG has been horrendous since their miracle Major 2 Tournament win and they believe bringing in “Neptune”could change that. It is a longshot, but let’s see if the multi-pro FPS player has it in him.


Prolute, Optic Texas

This was probably the easiest choice for this list and it goes to show the talent of this roster. The big three on the Optic Texas roster will, obviously, need to show up for them to have success. But, Byron “Prolute” Vega is the X-factor and player to lookout for.

Optic Texas have just recently announced that “Prolute” will continue to substitute in the starting roster for Inder “Illey” Dhaliwal, as he recovers from his hand injury. This is not the news Optic fans wanted to hear, but, It could potentially prove beneficial.

The guys have been playing with “Prolute” for some time now and continuing what they were building on could be enough to get them back to glory.


Temp, Paris Legion

To put it simply, Donny “Temp” Laroda has been one of the best ARs in the game this season. With that being said, he has basically nothing to show for it.

Over the course of the entire season “Temp” has posted the 4th best overall K/D in the entire league. That is good enough to put him atop the conversation of one of the games best only behind, the Atlanta Faze’s McArthur “Cellium” Jovel and Optic Texas’ Brandon “Dashy” Otell.

Not to throw his guys under the bus, but “Temp” is simply being forced into a product of his environment. He is putting up MVP numbers and still his team has only won a couple of matches throughout the entire season.

The Paris Legion’s season is over but if you want to watch a superstar take his lunch pail and go to work, turn on “Temp’s” POV.


Priestahh, Minnesota ROKKR

The Minnesota Rokkr are one of the major question marks going into Stage 4 after recent performances. After replacing their Main AR Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak with challengers standout Colt “Havok” McLendon, the Rokkr went 5-0 in the Stage 3 qualifier matches. Only to then go on and get eliminated early from the Major 3 Tournament.

The Rokkr are sitting just out of a Champs weekend spot going into Stage 3, but they have the ability to make moves up the standings. For them to make moves they can only be as strong as their weakest link thus far, Preston “Priestahh” Greiner.

“Priestahh” has shown glimpses of his former self this year, but has also proven to be massively inconsistent. When he plays to his full potential this team has the ability to reach new heights.


Mack, Seattle Surge

Makenzie “Mack” Kelley is arguably the most underrated player in the Call of Duty League this season. His team, the Seattle Surge, just won the Major 3 Tournament behind dominant performances from two rookies, Daunte “Sib” Gray and Amer “Pred” Zulbeari.

The two rookies, Mack and the team’s veteran, Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi, beat the number team in the standings Faze twice, to win the tournament.

Throughout the team’s winning run and even here after, the Surge’s young guns seem to get all the love. While they played out of their minds and deserve such praise, “Mack” needs to be more heavily accredited.

During the entirety of this season “Mack” has been a steady train on the tracks, Seattle’s most consistent player. The same was the case during Major 3. While “Sib” and “Pred” went on a slaying spree around the map, Mack won crucial gunfights and did the dirty work.

For the Seattle Surge to continue their success onward into the final two Lan tournaments, “Mack” is going to need to continue to be their consistency leader.


CleanX, Toronto Ultra

As the former two-time world champion and Flank co-host, Patrick “Aches” Price, likes to say, “the tissue is an issue”. He is, of course, talking about the Toronto Ultra’s, Tobias “CleanX” Jonsson.

Since his start in the Call of Duty League, “CleanX” has proven many times why he is one of the top SMGs in the game. The first player to win a Call of Duty League Championship from outside of the US, Canada, England, and Ireland, “CleanX” is massively important to the success of his team.

Throughout the start of the year the Ultra were one of the most inconsistent teams in the game and one of the worst hardpoint teams. It came as a surprise to many because of their large amounts of success last CoD league season. But, even with those struggles, many Cod League fans as well as analysts knew that the Ultra were very close to being a top 6 team in the game.

Behind the route man, “CleanX”, the all European-led squad has shown massive improvements over the last couple of months. If “CleanX” continues to ‘be an issue’, the rest of the league has another problem to deal with in the Ultra. 


MajorManiak, Florida Mutineers

Mike “MajorManiak” Szymaniak has been one of the turnaround success stories of this season. After being dropped for the second consecutive year, in the midseason, the Florida Mutineers decided to take a chance.

After this past weekend, the first online qualifier matches for Major 4, the Mutineers showed improvement at the Main AR position with “Major” since dropping David “Davpadie” Maslowski. The Mutineers took on “MajorManiak’s” former team, Minnesota Rokkr, and won 3-1.

Alongside superstars  Cesar “Skyz” Bueno and Joseph “Owakening” Conely, “MajorManiak” has the potential to possibly get this team over the edge. That edge, of course, would be for a Top-8 position and spot at Call of Duty Champs. The Mutineers are currently 10th in the CDL standings and tied with the 9th place Minnesota Rokkr on points (120).

The second weekend of Major 4 Online Qualifier matches begin this Friday, July 1st at 12pm EST.

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