Roman Kemp embarrasses Spandau Ballet dad Martin over ‘sneaking’ out behind Shirlie’s back

Meanwhile, it isn’t just Martin Kemp who has had embarrassing moments.

On Celebrity Gogglebox recently, where he appears alongside his father, Roman revealed an embarrassment of his own, telling how he once walked straight into a stranger’s hotel room instead of his own.

The gaffe saw him sitting on their toilet at three o’ clock in the morning, looking around and catching sight of unfamiliar toiletries, and then fleeing – but not before he’d relieved himself.

“I look around and I can see somebody else’s aftershave and lotions, [then] all of a sudden I can hear snoring, and I’m in there sitting on their toilet!” he exclaimed.

Left with the choice to flush and run, or simply run, the flustered radio host opted for the latter.

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