Tourists have to pay to visit beaches in popular holiday destination and new towel ban

However, this year tourists will have to follow some new strict rules including charges to visit some of the island’s most popular beaches.

Sardinia’s popularity has caused the island some issues due to overtourism, litter and sand theft.

Known for its gorgeous white beaches, the island has struggled with tourists illegally taking sand as a souvenir.

Tourists can now face heavy fines for sand theft and bags could be checked at the airport.

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In Budelli, the Spiaggia del Cavaliere and the Spiaggia Rosa are completely off limits to tourists this year.

La Maddalena, Cala Coticcio and Cala Brigantina are capping visitor numbers with only 60 people allowed to visit the popular beaches per day.

Tourists have to book a slot online and pay three euros (£2.59) each to access one of the beaches.

Several other beaches are also limiting the number of visitors to control overtourism in the popular spots.


Venice is set to introduce a fee for daytrippers which could heavily impact cruise passengers who tend to visit the city for one day.

Visitors would have to pay to enter the city for the day. Overnight visitors would be exempt as they already pay an overnight tax.

Meanwhile, in Spain tourist officials in Benidorm have reacted with rage to plans by the local Government to introduce a tourist tax.

Although the tax would be optional for holiday resorts, officials fear it would put tourists off travelling to Benidorm.

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