‘Work smart not hard!’ Mum explains how she is set to earn extra £2,500 per month

Side hustles involve Britons taking on additional roles, usually with the motivation of boosting their income. This was the case for Noshina, a single mum and programme manager from Leeds, who appeared on ITV’s Tonight. 

Keen to make extra cash, she has developed two side hustles which she juggles alongside her day job.

The first is making eco-friendly homeware products, and the other is a business making hair accessories such as scrunchies and bows.

Noshina only has one income in her household, and is responsible for her teenage son.

She described how she has been impacted by the rising cost of living which makes a difference to her weekly shop and fuel bill. 

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However, for the working mum, embracing multitasking is worthwhile due to the extra income she can make.

She added: “It’s totally different to what I do normally, but it doesn’t feel like work.

“It’s about working smarter and not harder, for me.”

When starting a side hustle, Britons are usually encouraged to find a hobby or a niche which can make extra tasks easier for them.

There are a variety of sectors individuals can get into, including cake making, tutoring, writing, couriering and more. 

Some may even wish to make use of online platforms to help them get their business up and running.

ITV’s Tonight continues next Thursday evening. 

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