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‘Bony structure ages a face dramatically!’ 2 areas to target to look younger ‘immediately’

Many women search for the magic cream, age-defying treatment or new beauty product that can take years off, but there’s only two areas of the face that need to be targeted to look younger. spoke to Alex Henderson Aesthetic Nurse & Founder of CB Aesthetics. 

Alex started off by explaining the difference between botox and fillers. 

“Botox is a brand of Toxin,” she said. “The prescription ingredient is Botulinum Toxin A, which should be prescribed and administered by a medical professional. 

“The toxin works by blocking the neuromuscular message sent by the brain to make the muscle move (contract). 

“As the muscle relaxes, it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. This is typically used in the upper face. 

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“In my opinion, the right time is when you feel ready.” 

CB Aesthetics have patients from 25 years old up to 70 years old. 

“Our nurses each have a patient demographic, which is so much fun because we learn so much from the faces through the years,” Alex commented. 

So are botox and fillers best for anti-ageing rather than enhancing facial features? 

Alex said: “I believe this is down to the choice of the practitioner and whether or not the patient is like minded. 

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“We see many hoping to achieve a natural outcome without any real evidence of change and we also see some seeking out a more obvious look. 

“I like to sit in the middle, a fresh and rejuvenated outcome with friends and family stating ‘you look well.’”

So what areas should be targeted to look younger? 

Alex revealed: “My favourite areas to treat are the temples and cheek. Both bony prominences age a face dramatically. 

“Hollow temples results in a skeletal look and hollowing of the cheeks results in an extended tear trough, jowl and marionette. 

“These two areas make the biggest of changes.”

As for how long it takes to see results, the beauty expert said: “Results with toxins can take three to 14 days. 

“We will always review our toxin patients at this point to assess outcome and make any adjustments if needed. 

“Filler is immediate, however I observe an increased outcome week four to six.

“Again, reviewing results at this stage allows for tweaks and checking in with our patients.” 

For anyone considering getting botox of fillers, Alex had some advice: “I would always recommend an experienced and competent medical practitioner. 

“It’s always worth asking for recommendations and using platforms such a Glow Day to find someone.”

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