Metacians Team creates a Platform-Hub, for the metaverse community to connect and rack brains with each other



Metacians Team creates a Platform-Hub, for the metaverse community to connect and rack brains with each other



SEOUL, GEUMCHEON-GU, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, July 3, 2022 / — Data City WeMarket (CEO Jang Jin-Woo), which is building Metacians, announced on the 7th that it will list Metacians MDC (Metadata city) coins on the 4th of next month. It was suggested that the Metacians that lead the listing, will be the standard for a new paradigm in the area of WEB 3.0. Metacians benchmarked Steam with a platform on the platform, and like Zepeto, the B2C market uses a differentiation strategy focusing on open and competitive content. Data City WeMarket plans to continue to evolve into a P2E hub platform by increasing user satisfaction through the continuous addition of global content and adding the concept of Enjoy to P2E.

In addition, the MDC coin is composed of mostly open-based decentralized blockchain technology, and categories are organized across all fields such as 3D games, travel, entertainment, art, fashion, shopping, education, and real estate, and are classified by country. Data City WeMarket said that 3D animation, VR, and AR are representative methods of implementation and that the Metacians UI (user interface) between creator and users (user) is technology. Ultimately, MDC

Coin Metacians means that it will put valuable digital content from all over the world in one big bowl, said Jang Jin-woo, CEO of Data City We Market Metacians Hub platform, he said.

Data City We market said on OTEX.OI that it will metacianhub@gmail.comsell the products for three days on a first-come, first-served basis for US$0.1 from 09:00 Korean time and issue less than 100 million to protect investors. It said that the transaction will be automatically terminated at the end of the sale. You can find out how to trade in Otex at

or Data City We Market said that transactions are easily made through the creation of meta-masks or Otex accounts, And Otex is a decentralized blockchain-based exchange with excellent security and stability. In addition, it announced that it will open its exchange in August to collect all promising coins entering the MDC coin ecosystem and provide one-stop services from marketing to financing. Metadata City is based in Korea, Canada, New York, Singapore, and the Philippines, and Metacians Hub MDC Coin will become a first-rate Metacians Company.

A study titled “How many people use the metaverse?” reveals that 60% of society isn’t familiar with the Metaverse. The Metacian Platform offers not only a proactive community for entertainment and information but also instructive criticisms on Upcoming Projects that aids every creator and developer in considering their future investors.

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