Plena Finance: DeFi ecosystem tailor-made for NFT, Metaverse and Web3

Plena Finance DeFi ecosystem tailor made for NFT Metaverse and

Offering ample opportunities for crypto-buy from any token on any blockchain, the Plena Finance way

Published: Wed 6 Jul 2022, 4:58 PM

Think Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and the first thing that comes to mind is the unique manner in which technology lets people control your money movement while providing exposure to global markets. Adoption of DeFi has always proved helpful for people when it comes to exercising full control over their assets and also hold the key to their money. It has been found that beyond acting similar to the Centralized Finance (CeFi) services, DeFi protocols goes a leap further in optimizing them for the blockchain horizon. It is in this context and of the fast growing cryptocurrency arena, a unique DeFi ecosystem is being put to play by Plena Finance.

Plena Finance, a company powered by an enthusiastic team of passionate and hardworking personnel in the cryptocurrency terrain, has since 2019 been successful enough in reaching out to investors and helping them make DeFi accessible, simple, and rewarding. A revolutionary DeFi wallet tailor-made for NFT, Metaverse and Web3, Plena Finance has grown from infancy toward ensuring mass adoption to crypto. The non-custodial DeFi wallet provides ample opportunities for the masses to purchase crypto from any token they hold on any blockchain without swapping or holding blockchain’s native token. And therein lies its significance.

Plena Finance App – Advanced and Interoperable

Plena has also positioned its app as the world’s first most advanced holistic, and interoperable mobile application that helps in leveraging the full potential of Web3 with just a one-tap gateway. In short, Plena stays head and shoulders above in a crowd of applications by making the web3 user experience extremely seamless. What the user gets in effect is an utmost centralized application-like user experience while interacting with decentralized applications.

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That indeed explains why the Plena Finance application is a hit among users. Significant is the fact that the Plena Finance application recorded more than 25,000 downloads in two weeks of its launch on Google PlayStore and the Appstore. With such a fan following, the brains behind Plena Finance have made it a point that it is of utmost use to the masses who swear by crypto.

The app has ensured that it has made web3, crypto and DeFi more accessible by making its services simple, transparent and easy use seamlessly. Users have endorsed the fact that the Plena Finance provides for a centralized feel through the medium of a decentralized app while skipping the collection of user data by any means.

Partnerships with a handful of big names in the industry has come in handy for Plena Finance over the years. Backing the company’s operations in the crypto arena include companies such as Polygon, Biconomy, Parsiq, Big Brain Holdings, Transak, MultiChain, Astra Guild Ventures, Poolz Ventures, Omega Ventures, OXO Capital, The Graph, Delta Hub, DEC Ventures, Whitelist Ventures, Unilayer, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and Moralis. Among them, Polygon has also doled out a grant to Plena Finance to carry out its operations sans hassles.

What makes Plena Finance a trust worthy application in the cryptocurrency terrains are a multitude of factors. As a mobile protocol built with multi-chain infrastructure, the Plena mobile application had been created with added focus on the ability to interact with the larger DeFi ecosystem so as to bring in more positive opportunities to users. Besides, the gas-free transactions, an easy to navigate user interface and the holistic features incorporating lending-borrowing, social trading, diversified money market operations and more in a single platform, add to the charm of the Plena mobile app.

Making Investment Processes in DeFi Seamless

What comes as unique in terms of user-friendliness is the non-custodial nature that makes transactions safe and smarter. If you are one among the growing tribe of cryptocurrency investors looking to make it big, Plena Finance could easily be any investor’s go-to destination. Making your investment process in DeFi seamless with the ushering in of a variety of unique features, Plena makes your crypto ventures simple and hassle-free. The Plena Finance app has a user community spread across South Asia who stand testimony to this fact. Making the DeFi arena interoperable through seamless funds transfer across multiple chains, and opening a new window for investors to reach out and grab larger yield opportunities prove to be unique only to Plena Finance.

And, that could be why the growth potential has made itself visible for the investors who stand by Plena Finance. Learn more about Plena Finance and how to go about seeking its services here.

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