Local Ranch gives back to the community and environment

Bar K Ranch has been family owned and operated for several years now.

“We started in the early sixties, the land became assembled and through the seventies the infrastructure started to be created,” explains James Kordyban, assistant general manager, Carrier Lumber Group of Companies. “And then in the eighties, cattle farming started and with the help of the Lend-Lease program at the time, it blossomed from about six, 800 acres into about 8600 acres.”

They also have business ventures in several other operations including steel fabrication and lumber. They also employ over 350 people across two provinces.

Kordyban says they are a huge supporter of Prince George and surrounding communities. For example, when The BC Summer Games board was looking for support, they jumped on board.

“My brother and I actually, as the Kordyban family, we’ve both been part of the BC Summer Games before as competitors,” said Kordyban “So the donation was about $10,000 of ground beef, $2,000 of lumber, and about $38,000 of cash.”

Ranch Manager John McEvoy has been working for the ranch for sixteen months now, he says he takes pride in his job, the cattle, and the environment.

“I think we have a responsibility to turn this land into more valuable, more, ecologically sound. What we need to do here in places like this, on ranches, in this type of property, is turn it into a viable yet sustainable and environmental showcase, ” explains McEvoy “We need to be able to show the world that, yes, you can run a ranch. Yes, you can run a business. But it can be done environmentally and very healthy for the planet and for us.”

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