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I never thought that my corporate life would become thrilling with unexpected ventures. I have always been a headstrong woman. I skyrocketed the moment I entered an advertisement agency and won the hearts of my seniors with my creative outlook on projects. I brought finesse into my work and soon enough, I was one of the most popular people in the company, all within a span of 3 years. And guess what, I was only 25 back then!

While my professional life was flourishing, my personal life was a mess. I never really clicked with anyone because people were always wary of my attitude. No man ever wanted to spend more than an hour with me. Hence, I focused on hookups and casual relationships where my needs could be satisfied and I wouldn’t have to force an emotional connection.

My determination and hard work got me promoted to a great position within a span of 4 years. It was all a result of my hard work however, some people thought otherwise. People started to speculate that I was having an affair with the CEO. People secretly bashed me, spreading rumours that I wasn’t talented enough and I earned it due to my illicit affair.

Truth bomb! I was and I still am having an affair with my CEO. I am his mistress.

Long before I had joined my current company, I had met Savan*. We had glanced at each other at the bar one night and we knew we really wanted to spend the night together. And then it turned into several nights. I didn’t want to be in a relationship back then so I figured I could hookup with him. But it wasn’t long before I came to know that he was married. My morals stopped me from seeing him again but he wooed me soon and I just couldn’t resist. I gave in.

This affair with him has been going on for years. I didn’t know much about him except for the fact that he is super wealthy and comes from a good family. I liked the fact that we both kept our lives a secret from one another. And so, later when I joined this advertising agency, I was shocked to see that Savan was the company’s CEO. I hesitated but I continued to see him sneakily in hotel rooms and on business trips.

He makes me feel special in a number of ways. I don’t love him but I am satisfied with the life I have currently. I don’t have to invest myself in an emotional bond right now but I am content with the sexual adventures I can have with him. I never thought of myself as a mistress who would be content with having to share a man, but if this benefits me in every kind of way, then why not? If he can secure a safe way to do all this without being caught by his wife, I can also figure out a way to continue being his mistress without letting anyone in the office know.

After all, what is life without a little challenge?

*Name changed upon request

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