Web3.0 based coto appoints Vishakha Singh as its NFT strategist

coto, a Web3.0 based social community platform for women, has announced the appointment of Vishakha Singh as its non-fungible token (NFT) strategist. 

Through this appointment, Singh is expected to play a role to execute the roadmap for coto’s decentralised autonomous nature, starting with the NFT program for creators. Besides the involvement of business-to-business (B2B) agencies in coto’s early adopter program for long-standing partnerships, it is believed that Singh will structure the approach based on content-led and community-led NFTs for monetisation, gating, and benefits. Singh will look to create a strategy, roadmap, and execution of NFTs for the platform, along with to build awareness programs on practices of NFT for coto’s creator community.

According to Rajneel Kumar, co-founder, ‘coto’ by Eve World, Web3.0 has changed the way social communities allow content creation, consumption and monetisation, globally. “‘coto’ is taking a dive with technology to cement its position on national and global marketplaces for content demand and supply to create a value proposition for its community of women creators and members. Singh’s experience will help ‘coto’ onboard the entire community about NFT, blockchain, and its benefits for building a space for women online,” he added.

“I’m looking forward to joining the team of ‘coto.’ My contribution will aim to execute an overall strategy and craft the roadmap for the platform and its creators in the field of NFTs. Web3.0 is expected to bring a moment for women in value creation, and coto’s environment seeks to enable women to create, consume, and communicate, without toxicity. Through advanced technologies and insights of blockchain and NFT, I’m aiming to help ‘coto’ evolve its tribe in the Web3.0 space,” Singh said.

In a phase-wise roll-out, the platform is expected to announce its NFT plans and way forward for creators and members.

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