‘Perfect!’ Queen’s dressmaker used unusual £3 product to design royal christening gown

Along with dresser Barbara Buckfield, Angela travelled to Italy to find the perfect lace material for the new gown while she carried the priceless original in her handbag.

She wrote: “Together, we sourced lace to complement that being made in Italy, and to make sure it looks authentic we dyed it in Yorkshire tea (the strongest, as we all know).

“We placed each piece of lace in a small bowl, from the Dressers’ kitchen, filled with cool water and a tea bag, and left it for about five minutes, checking regularly until the colour was perfect.”

According to the hosts of the podcast Royally Obsessed, Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, Yorkshire tea was founded in 1886, and was chosen by Angela Kelly because it was “the strongest” brand of tea to make the gown look “authentic” and “aged”.

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