‘Ditch the licence!’ Naga Munchetty slammed by BBC viewers over ‘bias’ Mick Lynch probe

“Another pathetic interview on @BBCNews by @TVNaga01 letting leftie idiot Lynch push his bullshit propaganda without questioning what he said once(contradicted himself several times) time to ditch the license,” @andy26har vented.

However, @AndrewJAshton1 disagreed: “Naga taking the sensible, non confrontational approach to interviewing Mick Lynch. #bbcbreakfast.”

@Tram2554 said: “Excellent interview with @RMTunion Mick Lynch, telling it like it is. Compared with the “car crash” interview with @grantshapps yesterday, who didn’t know how many trains were running between Manchester and London!”

BBC Breakfast airs on BBC One daily at 6am.

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