Internet divided on couple’s reasons for relationship success


A couple reveals why they think their marriage survives. Photo / TikTok@Treeeflower

A couple has shared the relationship rules which they credit with giving them 13 years of a happy marriage – but it’s just one of them that is proving a sticking point for their online fans.

Taking to TikTok, the user, known as @Treeeflower, explained the rules she and her husband abide by for a happy marriage.

“Unconventional and controversial ways we’ve stayed happily married for 13 years,” the US woman explained in the clip.

“Never nights out with the girls or nights out with the boys. We don’t want to go anywhere without each other.

“Only mutual friendships – if one of us is friends with a person and the other feels off about them neither of us are friends with them.”

She explained their family takes priority over the ones they were born into, no one makes plans without checking in with the other and finances are all shared.

In a subsequent video, the woman explained everything was formed organically and if a relationship needs rules she didn’t think people should be in that relationship.

Many were curious, asking how the couple handled fights and how these relationship mandates formed.

Others were supportive, congratulating the couple on their longevity.

“I love how every relationship works differently. My husband and I have separate money and total freedom and we’ve been together for 20 years. Love it,” one social media user commented on the clip.

Another said: “32 years married and we live our lives like this. All our friends said we wouldn’t last and unfortunately they’re all divorced.”

One said: “Can 100 per cent relate to this. They’re not ‘rules’ – we just both prefer to live this way.”

A fourth said: “Family and friends think we are weird that we do literally everything together. We are each other’s best friend.”

But, many were stuck on the fact the couple didn’t go out without each other for girls’ nights or boys’ nights.

One said: “Why no girls’ nights? I love my girls’ movie and craft nights!”

Another added: “I have girls’ cards nights weekly. All of our husbands are friends and our kids all grew up together. It’s OK to prioritise yourself too.”

One added: “I think my parents were similar. My dad died. Mum was a wreck. Co-dependence doesn’t always end well. You need other people and interests.”

A fourth said: “Love my partner but I also love having a life outside my relationship. I spent a week in Scotland with my best friend and I wouldn’t have traded.”

The woman clarified that if she wanted to go out for dinner with her pals, it wouldn’t be an issue.

The video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times and has garnered close to 2500 comments.


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