GB News presenter in clash with RMT’s Mick Lynch over rail strike

“Well, ultimately, the political angle would be to bring down the Tory government, I guess,” Stephen assumed.

“Well, when have we ever said that?” Mick fumed. “I haven’t said that to you this morning.

“We are here to settle an industrial dispute, which is about pay conditions and jobs as well as our pensions.

“It’s up to the Tory party who they put in government. They have deposed at least two prime ministers without an election in the last five years. It’s nothing to do with what railway workers are doing.

“We want the settlement of this dispute. And the idea that somehow 40,000 railway workers who are threatened with their jobs are going to bring down the government is nonsense, it’s just peddling a myth.”

Breakfast with Stephen and Ann airs from 6am on GB News.

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