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Meta is now teasing its next VR headset for consumers which is slated to be announced in 2023. Although the company didn’t confirm which model it would be, it is presumed that this forthcoming wearable is the Meta Quest 3.


  • Meta could launch the Quest 3 VR headset in 2023.
  • The headset is said to cost between $300 – $500.
  • It will feature pancake lenses and a faster Snapdragon XR Gen 2 chipset.

The company behind Facebook continues to bet heavily on mixed reality through the mythical “Metaverse”. After recently launching the Meta Quest Pro MR headset, Meta is expected to refresh the affordable Quest 2. The company’s CFO Dave Whener suggests that the successor is launching next year. He didn’t provide the exact date, but it is presumed to be in fall or similar timing when the second-gen Quest 2 was unveiled in 2020.

How much will the Meta Quest 3 cost

Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg hinted earlier this month that its Quest 3 is already in the works. At the same time, the CEO mentioned that the Meta Quest 3 will cost between $300-$500 or around the latest pricing of the Quest 2 at $399. This is reasonable given the headset is targeted for mainstream use, unlike the premium Pro model which is built for developers and prosumers.

Meta Quest 3 render and schematics
Meta Quest 3’s schematics / © Brad Lynch

Meta Quest 3 specs

As regards the features, there are few details revealed surrounding Meta’s Quest 3 capabilities. Likewise, the recently leaked render of the Quest 3 shows it leans to be a virtual reality device rather than a mixed reality headset with passthrough technology. Surprisingly, it could boast pancake lenses that are also utilized on Meta’s Quest Pro and the Pico 4 VR of Bytedance.

It’s unclear if the third-generation headset will benefit from the eye and face-tracking technologies that debuted with the more expensive Quest Pro. However, it is not ruled out that Meta might throw in the said feature into its next budget VR headset. Lastly, an unannounced Snapdragon XR Gen 2 chipset is rumored to power the device.

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