Hack to get more volume in your hair – curling wand tip takes seconds


A content creator has demonstrated a hack to get the look of volume in your hair. Melissa Alatorre is a beauty lover and influencer. She shares her skincare and makeup tips on her TikTok account (@alatorreee) where she has 122.8K followers and has amassed 2M “likes” on her videos.

She has also amassed a huge 645K subscribers on her YouTube account, where she tests make up and posts make-up tutorials.

She shared a tip to add volume to the hair, to which one fan responded: “I tried this and it gives SO MUCH volume I don’t even know what to do with it”.

So, how does it work? Melissa explained all. She said: “A little tip to get more volume from your hair when styling it. When you’re done, take the top pieces, get a large-barrel curling iron, and you want to just hold it there for a little bit.”

Melissa curls the second of hair just behind her long fringe sections away from her face. After she removes the iron she holds the piece of hair in place and lets it cool down.

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Others gave their advice of achieving volume. One wrote: “I also brush my hair upside down while blow drying, then put it in a messy tight bun on the very top of my head for an hour, then I style.”

Another said: “I like to let mine air dry and I put a claw clip on my part to make volume, super easy.”

Another hack to get volume in hair in just 15 seconds went viral on TikTok recently too. The hack simply involves using a brush, some hot air, and some cold hair on already dry roots.

First, place your brush about two inches from your parting and then push it towards the parting, creating some lift. Then, using a hair dryer, blast the hair with hot air for five to eight seconds. Then blow the same section with cold air for three to five seconds.

The hack has been dubbed a “trick that all girls must know” by Holti Beauty, which amassed almost half a million likes on their viral video, which had 10.6M views.

How to add volume to your hair

Use volumising products

Volumising shampoo, conditioners and other volumising styling products are designed to not weigh hair down. They are light, so that hair can look big and bouncy.

Blow dry your hair upside down

Drying hair upside down can help to boost volume in the roots because the hairs are effectively held upwards by gravity as you dry. Then blasting the dry roots with cold air can help to hold the shape even better.

Change your parting

If your hair feels flat, switching up your parting is a quick way to boost it as your new parting will take a while to settle down.

Try vitamins and minerals

Great nutrition helps hair to grow thick and lush. Important vitamins and minerals for thick hair are vitamin D, zinc, fatty acids and biotin. To get even more of these, add fish and eggs to your diet.


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