10 Movies That Feel Like November

Some films have a sort of atmosphere that belongs to a particular time of the year. November is the awkward month between Halloween-decorated October and Yuletide December. Though it’s the ugly duckling of the latter part of the year, it’s cozy. It’s the perfect month to cuddle up with a blanket and a warm drink.

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Movies that make audiences feel warm and fuzzy inside have the perfect vibe for the chilly month. Whether they involve the cold end of Fall or not, specific films are excellent for this time of year. Lighthearted comedies, relaxing dramas, and long journeys with friends fit well into the season.

10/10 The Fellowship Of The Ring’s Reliance On Friendship Is Heartwarming

Frodo and Bilbo, smiling side by side in the Fellowship Of The Rings.

The first Lord of the Rings film was released in December, making it almost reminiscent of the cold months. Aside from its holiday release, the film overall has a warm feel about it. The film is touching, from Gandalf’s ride into the Shire to the fellowship banding together to help Frodo on his journey.

The feeling of friendship, good-hearted laughs, and breathtaking scenery is indescribable. For those looking to get through November as quickly as possible, the extended edition of the trilogy would be the perfect watch.

9/10 Paddington Is The Perfect Family Friendly Film

PADDINGTON BEAR using the escalator

Who knew that a CG bear could be so charming? Certainly not most audiences. Yet, Paddington and its sequel have impressive ratings from both fans and critics. The endearing film features the famous bear from Peru on his journey to England. It’s full of joy and genuinely funny moments for parents and younger audiences.

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At its core, the theme of finding a family with those who give their love and support is the most vital part of the story. Most audiences might enjoy the tender moments and colorful characters.

8/10 Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone Nearly Rings In The Season

Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone

There’s always something cozy about the Harry Potter films, particularly the first one. Harry Potter makes it to Hogwarts for the first time and experiences the wonders of magic. For Potterheads, the wizarding world has brought an immense amount of joy. Though the films have been somewhat tainted by controversy, they remain solid watches for the cold season.

There’s nothing quite as heartwarming or nostalgic as Harry waking up to his first set of Christmas presents and spending time by the fire with his best friend.

7/10 Saving Mr. Banks Is A Trip For Literary And Film Fans

Emma Thompson as PL Travers and Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr. Banks features the author PL Travers and her deal with Walt Disney to adapt Mary Poppins. The film is full of touching moments, whether it’s the soundtrack or the soft and often tear-inducing flashbacks. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson triumph as these historical figures.

The gradual evolution of a hard woman to someone who fell for the whimsical elements that Disney does well is delightful. Fans of Disney or classic novels would thoroughly enjoy the movie, even if it costs a few tears.

6/10 The Princess Bride Can Only Be Described As A Sunday Morning

Westley and Buttercup from

Everyone appreciates a good fairytale story. The Princess Bride is, without a doubt, the best adaptation of the novel by the same name. The film details the story of princess Buttercup and her long-lost love, Westley. Though the plot is simplistic, its nuanced script and humor elevated it into the list of favorites for many fans.

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Though there are dark moments, it has such a pleasant aura. Those who understand what waking up on a Sunday morning feels like would enjoy the movie for having the same energy.

5/10 Pride And Prejudice Is The Epitome Of Warm And Fuzzy

Lizzie running from her mother

Though Pride and Prejudice is geared toward romance fans, most people would enjoy the calm serenity of the 2005 film. Elizabeth Bennett is an intelligent and independent young woman with strong opinions and steps into a swoon-worthy flirtation with the equally opinionated Mr. Darcy.

The classic parties, the shots of landscapes, and Elizabeth walking through a field toward Darcy scream, “cozy movie.” Yet, even the most cynical audience members would find it difficult not to smile at the softest moments.

4/10 The Sound Of Music Is Full Of Heart

Julie Andrews with the Von Trapp children in Sound of Music

Despite its otherwise heavier elements of historical tragedy, The Sound of Music is the perfect film for November. The Classic movie takes audiences on a journey with a carefree governess, portrayed by Julie Andrews, and her embrace of the von Trapp family. She teaches the children to sing, play, and be kids while their strict father keeps a watchful eye.

While the musical aspect might not be for everyone, it’s charming enough to keep viewers engaged. Not to mention, the emotional depth of the latter half is tear-inducing.

3/10 The Notebook Is An Epic Of Love And Aging

Allie and Noah on the rowboat

Nicholas Sparks’ novels had a grip on romance lovers for a while, if not still. The film adaptations are typically just as gripping, but The Notebook is quite possibly the most emotional. When elderly Noah reads a love story to an older woman named Allie, the audience doesn’t realize who the two characters are until later in the film.

Noah reads his account of their history together to remind her as she has dementia. The entire movie is moving and sometimes frustrating, but the end ties it together flawlessly.

2/10 A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Is Nostalgic And Moving

Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers

For audiences of all ages who grew up watching Mister Rogers, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood will feel like home. The film details the true story of a journalist, Lloyd, writing a profile on Fred Rogers, who teaches the skeptical man how to manage his feelings.

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The movie focuses more on Lloyd’s complicated relationship with his father, resulting in heartbreaking moments for all. Dramatized or not, it provides a nostalgic glimpse of the man who taught thousands of children how to handle the motions of life.

1/10 Little Women Is Almost A Christmas Movie

Little Women Greta Gerwig

Little Women may be another adaption of Louisa May Alcott’s novel, but it’s one of the greatest coming-of-age films to date. It features the March family and the quartet of sisters during uplifting and challenging life situations. Each of the sisters has ambitions and a big personality, creating a bubble of complex characters.

Viewers will constantly find themselves laughing and crying over March’s endeavors, if not relating to the concept of siblings. Much of the time, the sisters are surrounded by snow. Though it’s not an official Christmas movie, it feels like one.

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