Abandoned bride fuming as ex-husband-to-be asks to ‘meet up’

A woman has shared her frustration after her ex who left her at the altar eight years ago reaches out in an attempt to “meet up” with her. After his long absense, the ex husband-to-be reached out in an attempt to gain “closure” – despite both having moved on. Sharing her experience on Reddit, she wrote: “My ex, who left me on our wedding day almost 8 years ago wants to meet up with me for ‘closure’.”

“Give me a break. He left me on our wedding day and I have no idea why. In the immediate aftermath his family told me they didn’t know his reason.

“I haven’t seen or talked to him since the morning of our wedding day when we went our separate ways to get ready. I haven’t seen or talked to any of his family or friends since three days afterwards.”

His habit of running away from responsibility continues, the woman claims, as he sends one of his brothers to deliver his “olive branch”.

“He is such a coward. He sent one of his brothers to come to the hospital I work at to make the request. Probably because they don’t know where I live or how to reach me otherwise.

“I told him I want nothing to do with my ex and if him or anyone else contacts me I’ll get a lawyer involved. I also told him the ER is isn’t the place to for visiting me, I’m working and not here to socialize [sic].”

She’s worked hard to recover from the wedding day humiliation, and his approach has reopened some old wounds: “He destroyed me years ago and I have no desire to have anything to do with him. I can’t believe the nerve after all this time.”

There was an outpouring of sympathy to the jilted bride’s situation, but many were shocked that her former fiancée would even think about making such a move after all the pain he has caused.

One person wrote on the Reddit post: “Well that’s a lot of entitlement from someone who left you on your wedding day. You don’t owe him a thing. Do what is best for you and you alone.”

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“He doesn’t want closure, he wants absolution, and quite frankly he doesn’t deserve it. Maybe if he had done this in the immediate wake of leaving you at the altar, there could be something… but he didn’t respect you enough to give it then.

So he can suck on his own guilt for the rest of his life,” another wrote.

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