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MCU: The 10 Best Tweets About Kate & Clint’s Relationship

After the amazing season finale in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, fans of the MCU are in love with Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock’s chemistry. The duo is one of the best couples in the MCU, and people are already wondering if they will see them together again on screen. However, it’s still unclear if there could be season 2 of She-Hulk or if Tatiana Maslany and Charlie Cox will work together again.

Another amazing dynamic in the MCU is the one between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, although this one is more of a mentoring relationship. These two are hilarious together and fans loved to see them in Hawkeye, although no one knows if they will work together again in the MCU. Still, there are plenty of comics about Clint and Kate for fans of these superheroes.


Kate Is Like Clint’s Daughter

In spite of the fact that Clint has three children, he ends up mentoring a kid that’s not his own. Since Clint was teaching Lila how to throw arrows in Avengers: Endgame, a lot of people thought she might take on his legacy. However, Clint didn’t even want to put Kate in danger, but the new Hawkeye simply was too stubborn.

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It makes sense for Clint not to mentor his daughter because he already has a hard time spending time with her and the rest of the family. Once Clint retires, he would probably want to have a regular family, without superhero paraphernalia. Plus, Kate has become already a part of the Bartons.

They’re In The Middle Of Multiple Chaotic Agendas

When Kate Bishop accidentally wears Ronin’s suit, she becomes a target for the Tracksuit Mafia. Clint, who happened to be in New York for the holidays, ended up having to rescue her. At the same time, Yelena was looking for him, trying to kill him because she thought he was the one to blame for Natasha’s death.

Even though Kate wasn’t the real target of Echo’s revenge, she ended up having to face a lot of Clint’s enemies, including Kingpin. However, everything turns out for the better since Kate managed to fulfill her dream of becoming a Hawkeye, and found herself a community in the process.

Clint Is Kate’s Mentor

Even though the last thing Clint wanted was to teach another person how to become a Hawkeye, he ends up having to become Kate’s mentor. Kate is not only a target for very dangerous people, but she also tends to underestimate the real risk in different situations.

Although Clint tries to keep Kate safe and out of his way, she insists on becoming a superhero and helping him defeat the Tracksuit Mafia and survive Yelena’s revenge. Eventually, Clint realizes Kate is talented and helps her in her journey to become a Hawkeye.

Kate Is Energetic And Clint Is… Tired

After everything that happened in Endgame, Clint is understandably tired. Not only did he lose his best friend, but also he spent five years as a vigilante. However, Kate is new in the superhero profession, and she has the optimism and proactivity of a person who hasn’t experienced as many tragedies in her life.

This leads to a hilarious dynamic between the protagonists of the series and one of the best superhero duos in the MCU. While Kate is always up for a fight and wants to get into as many adventures as possible, Clint simply wants to solve tie up loose ends and go back to his family to spend the holidays in peace.

They Have The Same Dynamic As Natasha And Yelena

Even though Natasha died in Avengers: Endgame, fans of the show love her dynamic with Yelena. The sisters usually bicker a lot, but they care deeply about each other. In the same way, Clint grows to care for Kate, even though the duo is rarely on the same page.

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There’s nothing the fans love more than the typical sunshine and sunshine protector dynamic, and these two relationships embody it completely. It’s a shame Natasha is no longer in the MCU because a team-up with these four characters would be exactly what the fans want.

Kate Can Be A Bit Overbearing

There’s no doubt that Kate can’t be more excited to work with her all-time favorite Avenger and team up to defeat all the villains. However, Clint doesn’t match her level of energy and doesn’t feel like working with the younger hero, often ignoring her messages.

Eventually, Clint realizes how valuable Kate’s help really is, but until then, they have mostly a typical older-brother-little-sister relationship, in which Clint needs to stop Kate from dying when doing something very impulsive. Still, this is one of the best parts of the TV show.

Hawkeye Is Kate’s Show

Even though Clint Barton had been Hawkeye and one of the most important superheroes in the MCU up until Avengers: Endgame, Hawkeye focuses more on introducing Kate Bishop, a character that also becomes Hawkeye and who is probably going to become a big part of the next phases of the MCU.

However, fans would love to continue seeing Clint and Kate working together since they’re one of the funniest and more interesting duos in the MCU. Still, it seems that Clint would like to spend more time with his family and give himself a very deserved rest.

Clint And Kate Spend The Holidays Together

After Kate’s mother ends up in jail for working with Wilson Fisk, Kate loses her only family, and Clint invites her to his home to spend the holidays. Even though Kate started being just a person he needed to save, she eventually becomes a real friend, and Clint offers her a community.

A lot of superheroes lose their families, but they know they can always count on their chosen families. Just like Clint was always there for Natasha, now he’s become part of the group of people on whom Kate can count. Hopefully, this won’t be the only Christmas Kate spends with the Bartons.

They Have To Share Resources

Even though Kate had been practicing for years to be a great archer, Hawkeye is the first time she becomes an active superhero. Because of this, she still doesn’t have any of the necessary gadgets for the job, so Clint ends up letting her use some of his most impressive equipment.

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Hopefully, the next time viewers get to see Kate she will have completely transitioned into Hawkeye, with all the proper and cool equipment that is usually a part of being a superhero. Until then, there’s a big chance she will continue to use Clint’s wide variety of arrows.

They Had A Happy Ending

Hawkeye is a feel-good kind o series, and as such, it makes sense that it has such a wholesome ending. On top of that, it’s a Christmas TV show, so it ends with the characters having a nice and cozy Christmas. However, that’s not true for other characters, such as Echo and Yelena.

In the latest Disney+ series of the MCU, it’s very common for them to end with the protagonists having a good time with their families and friends. It’s obvious that phase four of the MCU is all about community and superheroes learning to work alongside the people they love.

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