Strictly star Hamza Yassin’s ‘issues’ exposed by dancer James Jordan

While welling up, Motsi gushed to Hamza: “I just feel like this is a very difficult dance to speak about. I feel like maybe sometimes some people will not even understand. 

“I never in my life thought I would see this on Strictly Come Dancing.

“As you know I come from South Africa and you know the origins of so many of our dances, even today, Charleston, Salsa, Rumba, Jive, all of these dances from where they originated from and to have this acknowledgment on this big stage, to remind people we are here, we are dancing, we are celebrating and to see you do that, for me is such a special, special, special feeling.”

The former professional dancer then added to Hamza’s pro dance partner: “Jowita, I think you should do a DNA test girl, I’m taking you with me dancing to Africa because if they see you dancing like that you’re never coming back.”

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