The Larkins star hints at ‘very terrible’ twist for Pop and family

Actress Morgana Robinson spoke to about how her character Pinkie Jerebohm is causing chaos in The Larkins. The latest addition to the series is determined to make her mark on the village and impress the residents. Wanting to elevate to high society she buys Bluff Court from Pop, but it doesn’t go as planned.

The Darling Buds of May remake returned to TV screens last month as Pop (played by Bradley Walsh), Ma (played byJoanna Scanlan) and the rest of the Larkin family continued their charming lives in the quaint Kent village.

With their eldest daughter Mariette (Joelle Rae) in Paris with her new love Charlie (Tok Stephen) and the family adopting Oscar, things seemed to be going smooth sailing for everyone.

Although that was the case until the Jerebohms arrived in the village at the start of the new season, and they were keen to make a statement by buying Bluff Court from Pop.

However, when they discover that their new home is falling apart and will cost more money to repair on top of the high price they paid, there’s trouble ahead.

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She explained: “She likes to toy, she likes to toy with people, I think she gets off on it, so I think that’s quite fun to watch.

“She’s straight in there teasing everyone and all the villagers, she takes no prisoners that’s for sure.”

Echoing the drama that Pinkie is set to cause Pop and his family, actor Bradley Walsh commented on the mansion he sold them that was falling apart.

He said: “They feel like they’ve been turned over by Pop and get their own back.
“Their own back leads to a situation which is very damaging to The Larkins indeed, especially Pop, that’s a really interesting dynamic.”

Although the ITV drama took a week’s hiatus, the fourth episode teases there’s trouble brewing at the village fairground.

A synopsis for the upcoming instalment reads: “Pop is in denial, and Ma issues him some tough love while playing Cupid between Primrose and Rev Candy.

“Pop’s old friend Fruity Pears arrives at the village with his fairground in tow, but it’s not all candyfloss and laughs.”

The Larkins continues Sundays on ITV from 8pm

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