This week’s ‘Flying Horse’ theme: Pets/favorite animals

Snakes: I love snakes because they are so cool. If I ever had a pet snake I would take care of it.

Amphibians: My favorite species of animals are amphibians, insects and reptiles. I love reptiles because I love dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are big but cool. I love insects because they are so easy to find and some have pretty patterns like butterflies. I like a very specific amphibian called axolotl. I like them because they are cute.

Ace the dog: I have a pet and he is a black and white dog and his name is Ace. I also have a favorite animal and its a cheetah.

Cats: My favorite pet is my cat Lily. First thing I do with my cat is I feed her and give her water. Next I snuggle with my cat. We watch TV on the couch and use my fuzzy blanket. Lastly she has a lazy personality. She sleeps a lot at the end of the couch. That is why I love my cat.

Pet pig: My pet is a pig. She likes mud.

Horses: My favorite animal is a horse. Want to learn about horses? Horses’ hooves are like your nails, but they are all around the hoof. When a horse gets horseshoes, the farrier (person that puts on horseshoes) heats up the metal shoes and nails them on tight. Don’t worry; the nails don’t hurt.

Tigers: My favorite animals are tigers. In fact tigers are being forced out because their land is being destroyed. Lions, I love their color! Big cats are going extinct.

Cheetahs: My favorite animal is a cheetah with long legs and strides. It’s so beautiful and has spots of pride. The cheetah’s the fastest mammal on earth. Faster than a camel, bird, or any animal that’s a cat. Baby cheetahs are cute and wearing adorable suits. Babies have big eyes and loving smiles, but when they’re adults they can run miles. 

Monkeys: My favorite animal is a monkey. Monkeys can swing. I really like to swing just like them. My favorite fact about monkeys is that they swing on vines. My other fact about monkeys is they make sounds.

My dog Mia: I have a dog named Mia. She is black and gray. She is 12 years old. Mia is a poodle-Havanese. I like Mia because she plays with me. For example, she chases me around the couch. She also licks my feet. She is really cute. Even though she is 12 years old, she is really small. I love Mia!

Pet bird: I like animals. I have a pet bird. I help feed him and clean the cage. My pet bird is awesome!

School pet: Mateo is our school pet. I love Mateo because he is funny and cute. Mateo likes to sniff our carpet.

Fish: My favorite pets are fishes because they are very colorful. Fishes look very pretty. I like all fishes, but I don’t have any at my hone. Fishes are very cute. That’s why I like fishes.

Hamsters: I have a hamster. His name is Shaley. He is so cute. I love him so much.

Painted wolves: What is your favorite animal? Mine is the painted wolf. They are very colorful, and can run up to 35 miles per hour! Most painted wolves could live up to 13 years if kept in a zoo, but in the wild, they could only live up to 9-10 years. 

Ferrets: My favorite animal is a ferret. I have three, and their names are Murphy, Max and Lola. They are all girls because girl ferrets get bored with boy ferrets.

Giraffes: My favorite animal is a giraffe. They are tall. They eat leaves. They are cute.

Dragons: If I could have any pet I would choose a dragon. I would name him Dirk and he can help me get over my fear of heights and we can get places faster because the dragon will beat traffic. And there will be no need for waiting for dinner because the dragon will get the food and it will cook it with fire breath.

Chihuahuas: Chihuahuas are dogs. They sometimes bite and they are small dogs. They look like puppies.

Cheetahs are my favorite: My favorite animal is a cheetah because they are fast and if you take their babies they will get mad and growl at your face. Cheetahs have big yellow and white teeth, but did you know cheetahs play softly with kids? Cheetahs run so fast and they eat a lot of food. Cheetahs have black dots on them and they have whiskers and they are very big. 

Otters: My favorite animal is an otter. They are at the zoo.

Hedgehogs: My favorite animal is a hedgehog because they’re spiky, cool and fast like Sonic.

Dogs: My favorite animal is a dog because I have a dog and his name is Bruno. He is a very funny dog. We got Bruno on Christmas. Bruno loves to go to the dog park.

Chickens: I like my chicken. Her name is Penny. She is nice.

Likes lions: I don’t have any pets but I do have a favorite animal. My favorite animal is a lion.

Pet lizard: My favorite pet is a lizard. First thing I want to tell you about my lizard is that I take care of him. I feed him every day. I keep his cage clean. 

Red pandas: My favorite animal is a red panda because they are cute and fun. That is why I love red pandas.

Hamsters: My favorite pet is a hamster because their eyes and body are so cute and they are so easy to take care of. I love hamsters because you don’t just stare at them. You can play with them if they are trained.

Turtles: My favorite animal is a turtle because I think they are very cute. I like holding baby turtles. They are as big as my hand.

Pet bird and fish: I have a pet bird and pet fish. My bird’s name is Lemon. My fishes’ names are Goldie and Gerald and they swim in the water. They are all friends! 

Mateo: I love Mateo because he is funny.

Angel puppy: My favorite pet is my dog because I love my puppy so much. My favorite dog I had was Angel because she didn’t bark a lot and she’s not annoying. A sad thing is that she passed away. That’s why that’s my favorite pet I had.

My corgi: “Ruff ruff!” my dog Merlyn excitedly barked. I love my dog! He and I both love to eat cheeseburgers. He is a corgi, and he’s really nice. If you get a dog, you should get a corgi, too. You won’t regret that decision. 

Alligators: One animal I’m interested in is an alligator. I am interested in alligators because they are tall. Their scales are pretty cool.

A blue cat: If I had a cat it will be a blue cat. It will be a boy and his name will be Blue.

Gorillas: I want a gorilla as a pet so I can teach it how to do stuff and bring it to school so it can learn what I know. So I can teach it how to play games with me and play video games and play outside with me!

Sharks: Sharks are my favorite animal. It is not a mammal. I have a ton of shark toys.

Many pets and animals: I like monkeys because they can do cool tricks and they are fun to watch. I have one bunny named Queen, two turtles named Crash and Rahoal and one fish named Cleo. I love playing with Queen. She is super fun and cute. She has red eyes and white fur. Queen eats grass, carrots, and lettuce. She loves water to drink too. 

Lions: My favorite animal is a lion. Some lions can be tame.

Unicorn and phoenix mix: My favorite animal is a unicorn and phoenix mixed. My dogs name is Bailey Joe Kuhlman; that’s her full name. Her breed is Frenchton, half French bulldog and half Boston terrier mix.

Cutest dog ever: My dog is the cutest puppy ever. I like to play with her. I like to play ball. I snuggle her every night. I cannot sleep without her.

Koalas and sloths: My favorite animals are the koala and the sloth. I like the sloth because I know it’s slow but its claws are really sharp. I like the koala because it’s really cute and fluffy.

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