Vladimir Putin bids to fortify Iran links

The Russian President and Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi came to an arrangement in a phone call, Moscow has said – though officials did not indicate when the call between the leaders took place.

The Kremlin said: “A number of topical issues on the bilateral agenda were discussed, with the emphasis on further enhancing cooperation in the political, trade and economic fields, including the transport and logistics sector.

“They agreed that the corresponding Russian and Iranian institutions will increase contact.”

The statement made no reference to claims that Iran has supplied Russia with kamikaze drones to bombard Ukraine.

Tehran admits it sent drones to Putin but claims that was before the war and insists there is no evidence they were used in the conflict.

The call comes as Putin turns to countries such as Iran, China and North Korea as he is shunned by the West over his unprovoked assault on Ukraine.

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