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Queen Elizabeth ‘wasn’t a fan’ of her ‘most valuable’ jewel

Experts at RH Jewellers talked about the late monarch’s favourite jewels and explained she owned the Cullinian III and Cullinan IV, “two enormous diamonds weighing a hefty 94.4 and 63.3 carats”, respectively.

The experts revealed that “the price tag is just as weighty, valued at £50million”.

Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother Queen Mary was “a massive fan of the brooch” and wore it often, even as a necklace and in her crown.

The late Queen, however, didn’t love the piece as much and it was only spotted on her a few times.

The brooch, commonly known to the royals as “Granny’s Chips”, is the most valuable in the world.

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Claire Adler, the founder of Claire Adler Luxury PR, commented: “A mixture of tradition and style, Her Royal Majesty has worn a vast array of brooches over the years.

“Through each choice, this distinct accessory is meticulously paired to suit each of the Queen’s royal engagements, and her choice in brooch conveys meaning through its historical context and provenance.

“For example, the Cullinan III and IV brooch, which is the most valuable in the world, let alone in the Queen’s collection, has been worn on average once every decade,” the expert said.

Claire revealed the story behind the magical brooch: “Extracted from the famous Cullinan diamond found in 1905, these two substantial diamonds, pear-cut and square-cut respectively were used as gems for Queen Mary’s tiara.


“Inherited by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and as an act of respect and gratitude to the makers themselves, the Queen wore it on a State visit to Holland in 1958.

“During her trip, the Queen visited the Asscher workshops and unpinned it, handing it to Louis Asscher, who himself was present as his brother cut the original Cullinan diamond, recognising the shared sentimental and historical value.”

Leading diamond expert at Steven Stone, Max Stone, backed this up and said “the biggest and most expensive of all Queen Elizabeth’s brooches is the Cullinan III and IV brooch”.

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They are now part of the Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration collection at the Royal Collection Trust, meaning it is unlikely a royal woman will be seen donning the piece anytime soon.

Another beloved brooch of the Queen was The Scarab Brooch, which adorned her coat on many occasions.

The jewellery experts said this was her “absolute favourite”; a gold and ruby piece which was gifted to her by her husband in 1966 and was designed by Andrew Grima, the Father of Modern Jewellery.

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