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Tennis is one of the most popular sports that people from all over the world are interested in. If we talk about bets in bookmakers, this sports discipline is inferior only to football. Tennis bets are especially popular during matches. Players have the opportunity to follow the game and draw conclusions. Betting on tennis matches has its own features and benefits. And what is nice, today you can bet on any platform where there is a live casino and a sportsbook.

Bet on the winner of the game

According to the statistics of tennis betting, this is the most popular bet on tennis. The bettor places a bet on a certain tennis player who, in his opinion, will win the game. The advantage of tennis is that the game depends on only one player, unlike team sports where six or more players take part. In rare cases, a bet is placed on a pair when two against two compete in the game. The probability that the bet will win is very high, and there are no draws in tennis.

Set bet

The favorite bet on tennis of sports betting players is that you have to guess the number of sets in a tennis game. Such a bet is made on sets, for example, Nadal will have an advantage over Federer in 2 or 3 sets. Quite often, this tennis bet is placed on the winner of the first set, as well as on the winner of all sets, and other combinations are possible. For example, by betting on 2:0, you predict that the player you bet on will win both sets.

Live tennis betting

Live tennis is a dynamic game, which is why live tennis betting is so popular. You have the opportunity to make a prediction for the winner of the tennis match, the winner of the set, the exact result, as well as the winner of the game. Due to the changing odds during the match, tennis betting can be exciting and unexpected. Live betting allows you to make predictions about which player will serve first, how many breaks there will be, etc.

The game depends on only two players. So, watching a live tennis match and betting on tennis based on what is happening on the field is very exciting. There are times when the favorites of the game get injured during the tournament, and subsequent odds change dramatically. By betting live on tennis, you have the chance to react quickly. It is during real-time betting that tennis betting is most active.

Tournament winner or long-term bets

This is a bet on who will be the winner of all tennis tournaments. The most significant tennis tournaments are the Grand Slams. They include the French Open, Australian Open, US Open and Wimbledon, Seasonal Finals, ATP and WTA, as well as the Davis Cup, Hopman Cup and Fed Cup games.

Tennis tournament players in draw order. So, there is a possibility that less experienced players will get the opportunity to play with the talent of a more successful player. In turn, a high level of difficulty can be dangerous in a situation where they can compete with equally dangerous targets. Therefore, the winner of a tennis tournament is not so easy to determine.

Tennis betting is rapidly catching up with football in popularity. This can be seen in the number of tennis events on sportsbooks and live online casino portals.

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