Anne hailed as ‘role model’ as Princess’ legacy as working mum praised


Princess Anne is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. She was the first of the monarch’s four children to start her own family when, in 1973, she married Captain Mark Phillips and the pair had two children together — Peter, born in 1977, and Zara, born in 1981. By that point, Anne had been representing the monarchy and fulfilling the role of a working royal for almost 10 years. This week, Anne is visiting the Falklands Islands. Her trip was announced by the Falklands’ Government House, the office of the archipelago’s governor Alison Blake CMG. 

A statement shared on Monday read: “Her Excellency the Governor Alison Blake CMG is delighted to announce that Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal will visit the Falkland Islands from 17 to 22 November 2022. Her Royal Highness, who last visited the Falklands in 2016, will be accompanied by Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence.”

It comes just a few months after Anne attended a special ceremony in June paying tribute to the veterans and the fallen in the Falklands War in 1982, and marking the 40th anniversary of the conflict. Delivering a speech during the event, Anne said she was looking forward to returning to Stanley, the capital of the archipelago, to mark its new city status. 

The Princess has taken on an active role in commemorating the lives lost in the war, which saw the islands invaded and then liberated from Argentina during a 10-week conflict that ended on June 14, 1982, particularly since Prince Andrew relinquished his royal duties. 

The Duke of York served in the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot during the war, flying multiple missions including anti-surface warfare, casualty evacuation and Exocet missile decoy. Author and journalist Phil Dampier told MailOnline earlier this month the Prince would likely be “very upset” about not taking part in any events to mark the 40th anniversary of the Falklands.

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In an effort to give her children normal upbringings, Anne decided not to give them royal titles. It was a major break in protocol given that Peter was the first legitimate grandchild of a monarch in more than 500 years to be born without a title or courtesy title. 

“I think it was probably easier for them, and I think most people would argue that there are downsides to having titles,” she told Vanity Fair in 2020. “So I think that was probably the right thing to do.” 

Peter and Zara were brought up at Gatcombe Park, the Princess’ country residence in Gloucestershire which was given to Anne and Mark by the Queen after their wedding.

Zara has spoken about growing up with the Princess Royal as a mother, saying she was given an idyllic childhood. In a video promoting her clothing brand last month, Zara spoke about her favourite memories and labelled her mother as her “role model”.

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She said: “I definitely remember having a lot of fun and being able to experience a lot of things. I’m very lucky that my parents were able to do that for us or whatever they were involved in, whether it was the horses or the sailing or the travelling.”

Zara admitted she’s “happiest at home, or with the family, obviously, or travelling. I’m happy travelling with the kids and Mike and exploring the world. If I’ve got something planned it would definitely be outside, either riding or doing some kind of activity like a trip away to Devon or Scotland.”

Both Anne and Mark competed as professional equestrians and in fact bonded over their shared passion. In 1976, the Princess became the first royal to compete in the Olympic Games, and at the 1988 Olympics, Mark won a silver medal with the British team. Decades later, Zara won silver at the 2012 Olympic Games and was presented with her medal by none other than her mother. 

Zara’s sportsmanship was encouraged by her parents, and in a sweet nod to her upbringing, the royal — who now has three children of her own — hinted that her parenting style takes cues from Anne. She described her dream trip away with her kids as making sure “you’re outside the whole time and they don’t see a phone or an iPad for the whole day and then they can just crash in the evening.”

When asked who her role model was, Zara didn’t hesitate in answering: “My mum.”

She concluded the video by saying she hopes to one day have a legacy as impressive as her mothers, revealing she would like to be remembered “for being hard working and respectful and loyal and a good mum,” with “some success in there and influencing the younger generations, as well”. 

Her comments came years after she and her brother gave a rare joint interview to mark their mother’s 60th birthday. In 2010, the Princess Royal took part in a special interview with the BBC in which she — and her two children — shared revealing insights into her life.

“I look at her and just think if I was going to be a mother, that’s what I would want to be like,” Zara said. “I would like to be as good a mother as she has been to us.”

“Her advice generally about life has been invaluable,” added Peter. “Whenever we may have got slightly above our station she’d be the first one to bring us back down to earth.” 


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