Location-based metaverse with AR technology? Exclusive interview with the Trace.Top team

Trace is a Geo-location based metaverse project, which utilizes Augmented Reality technology and is accessible via smartphones. For the uninitiated, NFT stands for non-fungible token. The Trace metaverse allows you to connect digital content with the physical world and complements the lifestyle of users.

Players will be able to get a new experience of interacting with our platform and the opportunity to develop their character through daily activities: a trip to a cafe, a trip to work or a walk in the park. The user interacts with the help of his virtual prototype with other players and objects on the map, and makes him to travel through the metaverse, moving in the real world. 

The core team of trace includes, Bogdan Evtushenko, Dmitry Fomin, Dmitry Korostelv, Alexey Gavrilov, and Vladimir Arustamov, who have also previously worked in many other different big projects. Recently, Trace has also recently appointed Abhyudoy Das, as their Indian advisor.

But there are still many questions lingering around this project. And, in order to get these answers, we got to sit with Bogdan Evtushenko, who explained their project with passion and pride.

Here, is a brief summary of the interview:

Question 1:

How is Trace.Top different from other platforms? What led to the idea of its development?

Answer: Trace is a location-based metaverse with AR-technology for smartphones. It is a virtual copy of the whole world’s map, where your avatar moves according to your geolocation.

The main difference that verifies Trace from other P2E games is that a player will have a variety. We will have different seasons in our game. Every season will have a unique mechanism that will allow people to earn tokens, which they can use in the game or convert into real money.

Trace’s mission is to impress people to spend their lifetime using good habits, exploring their surroundings, and having more communication in real life, to bring them more motivation to move instead of sitting all the time in front of a computer.

From the very beginning, we didn’t like that all metaverses are in VR. Because VR glasses are not mass adoption and very few people can afford them. So, as we want our metaverse to become a mass adoption, we’re creating an app for smartphones. It’s not a secret that almost everyone has smartphones nowadays.

Learning different articles, we see increasing brands’ interest in AR technology. More and more companies are producing or going to produce AR glasses, so in several years we expect them to become widespread enough on the market.

Question 2:

Why specifically targeting the South Asian market? How do you plan to dominate over other platforms?

Answer: Our project is international and we want our game to be played and known in every part of the world. We find Latin American and South-East Asian regions perfect for making a huge marketing campaign and attracting an audience. We’re sure that other platforms underestimate Latin American and South-East Asian regions, building their marketing campaigns in crowded (filled) American and European regions (marketplaces).

We want to break down the digital and physical barriers, allowing people to interact with digital objects in the real world. The team’s experience is very relevant, their core team mostly devoted their career to entrepreneurship, the marketing sphere, and game development. For example, the CTO of Trace had experience working with Niantic, the Pokemon Go development team. GameDev experience

We’re sure that our audience will be much wider than other platforms because many people don’t play games not to sit in front of the computer or anywhere else. And they mustn’t do it with Trace. Moreover, in several years they will be able to use only AR glasses to play.

Question 3:

How do you plan to introduce AR into your system? How is it going to add to your advantage?

Answer: Augmented reality means technology for connecting digital objects to the real world. We see ourselves in the AR market, because the games made on geolocation platforms are made for searching for different digital activities, digital objects in the real world. Some of the game mechanics will gain the real traffic to companies’ locations. We suppose, our market analytics, good-quality product, marketing efforts and business model should lead us to the best partners, with whom we will reach the top of game ratings.

Question 4:

Share some light on your business model and how will Trace.Top grow bigger in the long run.

Answer: We want to attract a huge audience. As Trace is a location-based metaverse we’re planning to sell space and earn on renting. Also, we are going to collaborate with different brands and make marketing campaigns inside the platform. For Example, a chain of cafes can buy or rent a land plot (space) and make different marketing events there.

So, we plan to build our business model including partnerships with real offline brands. And we believe that our mechanics will help them to attract clients.

For example, using mechanics Explore & Earn, players must come on definite distance to the building, where the brand’s store, cafe or other object is located, to get game items. And of course, we can enlarge traffic of users online, putting more items near definite object. Which will become a good attraction for real clients.

We are really thankful to Bogdan Evtushenko, the Co-Founder of Trace for his valuable time in answering the questions and we hope it will soon make millions of users happy with their metaverse offering.

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