Prince Harry ‘deeply offended’ as King Charles brings in extra help


King Charles III reportedly plans to elevate the royal responsibilities of his sister, Princess Anne and his youngest brother, Prince Edward by adding them as Counsellors of State. Speaking on Sky News Australia, contributor Megyn Kelly discussed how royal experts believe Prince Harry may react to the news, despite choosing to no longer be a senior working royal.

Ms Kelly told host Paul Murray: “Royal experts are saying he’s going to be very deeply offended by King Charles’s latest move.

“It basically about King Charles needing a day off and who’s going to [substitute] in for him.”

She added: “Typically it would be the top four adults in the line of succession, which would be him two sons and, I think Princess Beatrice and one other person, in any event, oh it would be Prince Andrew.

“[Charles] has basically said Prince Andrew’s out and Prince Harry’s out, and instead add in my brother and sister who are not in the top four in the line of succession.

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“So he’s subbing his brother and sister who are active royals, Edward not Andrew.”

She continued: “They are active royals, they’re in England, and they can do their job when on a day-to-day basis, unlike Harry who’s, you know, out there in Montecito with the Duchess of Duplicity.

“So he cannot do it, he shouldn’t be offended.”

Prince Harry stepped down as a senior working royal in 2020, along with Meghan Markle, whom he married two years prior.

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The 72-year-old, the late Queen’s second child and only daughter, is less than two years younger than Charles.

Speaking on GB News following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, presenter Mark Dolan described Anne as the King’s “secret weapon”.

He added, praising Anne: “Her experience, her energy, her enthusiasm, her wise judgement, her charm and the respect with which she’s held by the British people will serve the king well.”



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