‘Crucial’ for 2030 petrol and diesel car ban to go ahead

“Without the 2030 deadline preventing the production of new ICE vehicles, the UK will not meet its climate targets, or reach the net zero goals set for 2050.

“Right now, it’s crucial to implement the ZEV mandate sooner rather than later in the UK. Without a ZEV mandate there is a lack of consumer confidence about switching to EVs in 2030.”

She added that the longer it takes for a ZEV mandate to come into force, the fast-growing UK charging industry misses the opportunity to accelerate growth, attract investment and move towards mass acceptance and adoption.

At the climate conference last year, transport was a key factor, with the creation of the Zero Emission Vehicle Transition Council, as well as the 2022 Action Plan.

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By Felix Reeves

Felix Reeves writes all things motoring for the Cars section. He recently completed his BA in Journalism at the University of Kent.

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