Destiny 2’s Newest Update Lets Community Restore The Eliksni Quarter At Long Last

With Season of Plunder’s storyline winding down in Destiny 2, things have been quiet in the game before the start of Season 19. Players looking for one last activity to engage in before the final season begins ahead of February’s Lightfall expansion can get ready to spread some charity across the Solar system, as next week will see the launch of the new Eliksni Quarter community event.

One of the new social hubs in Destiny 2, the Eliksni Quarter houses refugees from the House of Light who have allied with the Guardians and now have their own space inside of the Last City. That location has been in dire need of some TLC, and after the weekly reset on November 22, players will be able to donate Captain’s Coins to help Spider and Misraaks with improving the living space.