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‘Everyone is missing’ Kate Middleton’s new hairdo

A style expert has identified Kate Middleton’s new hairdo as “the do” after the Princess of Wales wore the style on Remembrance Day. The Duchess of Cambridge looked appropriate in black on a sombre day.

The main features of her outfit were of course her symbolic poppy brooches, a wide-brimmed black hat, which is customary for royal women to wear on the day, and sparkling jewels with a royal history, having once belonged to Princess Diana.

She also wore an art deco diamond brooch from Bentley and Skinner, a company with a Royal Warrant selling antique jewellery. In an appropriate gesture for the event and the weather, she wore the Alice Merino Wool Gloves from Cornelia James.

One stunning element of her ensemble was overlooked, according to style expert Miranda Holder, who has amassed a huge 73K TikTok followers on her account @themirandaholder.

The fashion and royal style aficionado said: “Kate Middleton looked sombre but stunning at Remembrance Day this weekend, but there’s one thing that everyone is missing. This is some serious style news for Princess Catherine fans, and I – for one – I’m excited and inspired by it.”

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It was in the royal’s hair that the new and exciting look was, Miranda said. She went on: “Princess Catherine looks immaculate in a Catherine Walker dress coat, diamond pearl earrings and a Philip Treacy hat but the one feature of her outfit that was absolutely spectacular was she’s got a new do. Not just any old do. ‘The’ do.”

Kate wore her hair in a low ponytail with her brown locks in tumbling curls. And it’s likely, according to the style expert, we will see much more of this look going forward.

Miranda said: “This perfectly quaffed and curled ponytail is going to be the look to carry us through the festive season right now. Just take my word for it, we’re going to be seeing Catherine-inspired tresses wherever we go.

“There is no sign of her usual hairnet, but simply beautifully executed curls held in place with styling cream and a little bit of magic hairspray. Do you love it as much as I do?”

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Miranda was not the only style enthusiast to note the new style. Kate fans on the Instagram account @royalhairchatter noted it too.

The account remarked: “The Princess of Wales appears to be wearing her hair in a low ponytail with her wide brim hat.” One fan said: “Most beautiful ponytail ever!”

Miranda recently detailed a hair hack used by Kate Middleton often to keep her hair smooth and sleek. The clever and cheap trick is “almost invisible”. 

Miranda said: “She uses a hair net. This hack works a treat as it keeps all the stray hairs in place.” She described the trick as “almost invisible” and “well disguised” in the Duchess’s chestnut brown hair.

Miranda recently disclosed one of Kate Middleton’s fashion hacks to look “elegant, polished and expensive.” It’s in the colour combinations that the Princess manages to look so chic. She said: “Kate looks effortlessly chic and put together. Most importantly she looks polished and expensive.”

The expert explained just how Kate manages to pull off the impression of being “polished and expensive.” It’s all to do with colour, Miranda explained.

She said: “This is because she’s putting a tonal twist on her signature monochrome look, a little bit like the Queen. Kate often dresses in head-to-toe one colour, but taking it tonal and very slightly mixing up the shade is a surefire way to look elegant, polished and expensive. Just make sure the colour suits you in the first place and you’re good to go.”

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