Kate Middleton called differently by Prince William

Kate Middleton was called differently by Prince William after she became a member of the Royal Family, a news report has claimed. According to reports, the Princess of Wales, who is mostly known as “Kate” is a name by which she was known during her college life.

A report by the Mirror reported that since their wedding several months later in April 2011, Prince William has hardly ever called her by the name Kate when out and about or in speeches – and has instead resorted to her full name of Catherine.

Even Kate herself introduces herself as Catherine in public, and at an engagement last week when a curious little boy asked what she was called she replied: “Catherine.”

In November 2010, the delighted couple broke their silence, and shared their engagement joy.

William had presented his future bride with his late mother Princess Diana’s ring – a blue sapphire diamond sparkler.

To mark the occasion, the pair also sat down for a rare interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby, where they talked about their friendship that blossomed into love, William’s romantic proposal in Kenya and how their break-up in 2007 ended up being short-lived.

But when looking at the interview that was given way back in 2010, William refers to his wife-to-be by a name that he rarely uses in public now.

On nine separate times throughout the interview, he calls her ‘Kate’ – the name that the Princess was known by during her time at university that is still used by many today.

During their engagement interview, William admitted he would have to “wrack his brains” to remember their first meeting.

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In April 2011, Kate wed her Prince Charming in a spectacular ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Emerging from the Phantom Rolls Royce VI that had borne her on her final journey as Miss Middleton, Kate was an angelic vision in her ivory silk tulle Alexander McQueen wedding dress.

As she took her father Michael’s arm to make her way up the steps to the abbey, the beautiful Kate was met with gasps from the crowd.

On December 3, 2012, Kensington Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their first baby.

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