Man accused of murdering escort put her body in homemade incinerator

Mark Brown, 41 is accused of murdering Alexandra Morgan, 34 and Leah Ware, 33, six months apart in 2021. He faced questions from Duncan Atkinson, prosecuting as the trial continued at Hove Crown Court. Ms Morgan died on November 14, 2021. Mr Brown claims Ms Morgan slipped and fell on a tool or piece of mechanical equipment in the workshop he rented at Little Bridge Farm near Hastings, East Sussex, hitting her head.

He said he ran over and saw “a lot of blood” so grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding but when he moved her head there was “even more”.

Mr Atkinson said: “When you first saw she’s gone to the ground on her back, there’s already a lot of blood around her head, so it’s clear before you do anything else that she’s hurt and needs help and needs a doctor, that’s absolutely obvious.”

Mr Brown told the court he “panicked” and grabbedd the towel to “stop the bleeding”.

He continued: “At that point she was gone and it was my priority to try and do CPR because I couldn’t find a pulse.

“I didn’t call an ambulance because my priority was to try and stop the bleeding and then to get a pulse.

“There’s no point calling an ambulance if it’s not going to get there on time, your priority is to stop the bleeding.”

After attempting CPR and holding a mirror to Ms Morgan’s mouth and nose to check for breath, Mr Brown said he was convinced she had died.

In the minutes that followed Mr Brown used jumpers to stop blood flowing out from under the workshop door, went outside to vomit, and retrieved his mobile phone from either his car or jacket pocket with the intention of calling 999.

He told the court he then decided to cover the whole thing up, saying: “I wrapped Alex in a sleeping bag and put a towel around her head to stop more blood coming out.

“I had a dead escort on my workshop floor, what would it look like? How would I prove she had an accident?

“It was a stupid thing to do, it was the worst f****** mistake I ever made in my life.”

Mr Brown then disposed of Ms Morgan’s body using an incinerator he had fashioned out of an old oil drum earlier that year, and used regularly to burn waste.

He said: “I’d heard urban legends about people burning bodies and I didn’t want anyone to come across a body dumped somewhere.

“I would have put wood and engine oil in there first, then put Alex in, put as much wood around the sides to keep everything in, then poured petrol over the top.”

Mr Atkinson said: “Given this barrel is about waist high, her top half would have been sticking out of the barrel when you set fire to it.”

Mr Brown replied: “It was her bottom half, I put her in head first.”

Mr Brown, 41, of Squirrel Close, St Leonard’s on Sea, East Sussex, denies two counts of murder.

The trial continues.

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