Prince William branded ‘self-righteous’ and ‘spoilt little *****’

A source has said that Prince William can be “self-righteous” and a “spoilt little *****” at times, although he has the Royal Family’s interests at heart. The claim was made over the Prince’s reaction to the publication of his brother Prince Harry’s memoir, due to hit the shelves on January 10. The book, called Spare, is expected to have a big impact on senior members of the Firm, and William is reported to be “appalled” by his brother’s behaviour.

The unnamed source, who is said to know Prince William, was quoted in a piece on King Charles’s response to Harry’s book by journalist Simon Heffer in the Telegraph.

The publication Spare, according to Heffer, will mark a difficult beginning to the new year for the monarchy.

The journalist suggested that King Charles “has had an assured and dignified start to his reign, repudiating the doom-laden predictions of some pundits about his being incapable of assuming the responsibilities of Queen Elizabeth II and of his being unlikely to command the affections of the public.

“However, the year ahead will present further challenges as he cements his place in the life of the nation as its head of state – and he will be as aware of them as anyone.”

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Heffer noted that the King “must manage” Prince Harry, and noted: “Courtiers feel he would welcome him, and the Duchess, back to these shores to live permanently – unless the book is indeed deeply damaging, in which case bridges may finally have been burnt.

“They are less convinced that the Prince of Wales would accept a reconciliation and this could pose another problem for the King.

“The moment when he comes at last to read his younger son’s book is likely to be by far the most challenging of the year ahead.

“His response to it will demonstrate not just how good a father, but how good a King, our new monarch is.” has contaced Buckingham Palace for comment.

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