Switch to this LG 4K TV and Amazon will give £100 for free

Anyone thinking of upgrading their living room set-up has an ideal Black Friday 2022 deal to tempt them. Amazon has slashed the price of the award-winning LG OLED 42 C2 from almost £1,400 to £859. And if that wasn’t enough, a £100 free voucher is also being thrown in with the 4K TV as well which brings the price down even further to £759 – that’s almost half price!

This LG TV only launched back in March, and is right now available for its lowest price ever at Amazon.

So if you’ve been thinking of picking up this telly for a while make sure you act quickly while the huge price cut is available.

The LG TV has won numerous awards from the likes of Which? and What Hi-Fi and is a great option for anyone that owns a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

The impressive TV has a 120Hz refresh rate and four HDMI 2.1 ports – which are all necessary if you want the best quality picture from a next-gen console.

The LG C2 also boasts Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support to further enhance the sound and visual quality of your movies, games and boxsets.

The spec-heavy TV also supports Nvidia GeForce now which is integrated – so if you run out of things to play on your main console you can always turn to this streaming service.

Like other Smart TVs you’ll also get easy access to a range of popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+.

All of these built-in features are great, but the best reason to pick up this deal is it’s extremely rare to find an OLED TV at this price point.

You typically would be looking to spend over £1,000 to pick up an OLED telly from the likes of Samsung and LG.

At the price it’s available right now, this 2022 LG OLED is priced similar to some QLED TVs – which don’t offer as good a picture or as impressive specs.

OLED TVs are the top tier of 4K TVs, after LED and QLED tellies. What makes OLEDs so much better is it offers better viewing angles, wider colour range, much faster refresh rates as well as better contrasts and higher brightness.

You simply get a better picture quality with an OLED TV. This is thanks to the material OLED displays are made from, which is lighter and thinner than the crystals used in LED TVs.

This allows for multi-layer panels to be created for OLED TVs which are much brighter and use considerably less power.

Unlike LED TVs which selectively block areas of a backlight to create what you see on screen, an OLED panel is make up of millions of pixels.

These can be individually turned on and off which can create pure blacks on your screen, ultra fine details and perfect contrasts.

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