The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Karmic Relationship Ends During The Moon Opposite Neptune On November 18, 2022


Neptune has us living in our heads, and that essentially means that because we’ll be spending a LOT of time thinking things out during this transit, we will also come to a few conclusions that may alter our perception of many important things. We’re looking at the Moon opposite Neptune and its effect.

Today, this transit brings forth the idea that we’ve had enough. Enough of this, enough of that, and definitely enough of a certain person who no longer makes sense in our lives.

This isn’t about throwing someone out, or having a fight with them that ends in either stalemate or their removal; this is about recognizing that we no longer need the friendship or companionship of this one other person.

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It’s not that they are terrible, and it’s not that we are either it’s that this relationship has run its course, and as we grow and get older, we come to understand that in life as well as in relationships, nothing lasts forever.

This is the day when karmic relationships see their end. Nothing to be weepy about, as this will come very naturally. There are no drastic karmic endings as everything happens according to plan and in perfect timing.


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