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If you were asked to picture the one place that puts you at ease immediately, there is a high probability that you will think of your home. Your personal bedroom or a special corner in the dining room, but it would be your home. This is because you feel safe at home, tucked away from all the curious eyes and expectations of the world. This is the place that truly belongs to you.

So, you care about the place, and you want to build a home that is no less than the Garden of Eden or Mount Olympus. While we may encourage you, we would also like to remind you of the impact that your decision could have on the environment and therefore, build an environment friendly home that has the least adverse environmental impact.

Why an Environment Friendly Home Is Better for The Environment Than Your Regular House?

 With the ongoing impact due to climate change, the need for an environment friendly home becomes a necessity. If you want to understand in detail, you must look at Bangalore. The city is considered a booming entrepreneurial site, with corporate offices and swanky residential apartments popping up across. However, due to rapid urbanization, the city steadily lost 88% of its vegetation cover. On top of this, the city has also seen a decline of 79% of its water bodies. To make matters worse, the city is also experiencing a rise in its temperature, from 2.0 to 2.50 C. You may find all these facts alarming but there is something more terrifying than this. It is a fact that there are several other cities that are experiencing similar climate issues.

And so, your environment friendly home can help improve this situation by implementing the following mechanisms/practices:

1. An Environment Friendly Home Advocates Environment Friendly Sources of Energy

We are referring to renewable resources. You may find environment friendly homes using solar photovoltaic or wind energy. Because of this, the toxic carbon emissions are reduced, and the atmosphere becomes much cleaner.

2. An Environment Friendly Home Believes In Disposing off The Waste In a Responsible Manner

This type of home has a proper mechanism in place to deal with the organic as well as the toxic wastes that a family can generate. Organic waste is usually used to make compost while toxic waste is either recycled or treated in a responsible fashion.

3. An Environment Friendly Home Meets the Water Requirements In a Creative Way

Our water table is fixed, and it gets depleted due to continuous extraction. It will take time to bring it back to normal levels. Therefore, there is a need to meet the water requirements in a more creative way. This type of home will do so through rainwater harvesting. That is not all this house will do. It will also recycle greywater.

4. An Environment Friendly Home Operates on Energy Saving Technologies

The more energy we use, the more we put a strain on the already limited resources like coal and oil. Hence, it is advisable to use technology that conserves energy. This might be LEDs or 5-star energy-saving ACs and refrigerators. 

Mahindra Eden Promises a Sustainable Lifestyle

With the surge of carbon levels coming to an irreversible threshold, it has become crucial to act for the benefit of the environment. While various measures are being taken, stepping up lifestyle choices is an important step in that direction. Homes at Mahindra Eden do not take away the ecosystem from you but add to it. They are India’s first Net-Zero Energy homes that are developed keeping in mind comfort, security, and luxury along with sustainable practices. They help protect and build a strong relationship with the environment.

So, what are you waiting for? Build your future in Mahindra Eden and change the game forever.

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