Boxing legend Juan Manuel Marquez criticises current world champions | DAZN News Norway

The former world champion claims that boxing has experienced huge changes since he was last inside the ring.

Former Mexican world champion Juan Manuel Marquez considers himself an old-school fighter and claims this current generation of world champions navigate the sport of boxing in a completely different way. 

In an exclusive interview with DAZN, Marquez – who fought in 15 world championship fights and conquered three weight divisions – said that today’s fighters are more concerned about chasing the biggest pay days instead of defending their titles numerous times and creating a legacy. 

“There is no need to demerit the work, because to win each of the belts requires a huge effort. But in my time it wasn’t just about winning it, defences were also very important, because sometimes the defence fights are the most complicated of all,” explained the Hall of Fame fighter.

“The trend has changed, now everyone is looking for an undisputed championship, it is the goal of many, but few manage to defend it because of how complicated it becomes.

“Others win one or two titles and at most defend it once or twice and then change division. We used to defend it to the death or until it was time to move up,” Marquez concluded. 

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