Cheapest holiday destination for British tourists is in Spain

New research has found the cheapest holiday destination for British holidaymakers. The cheapest spot was in Spain, a short flight from the UK.

Travel comparison site, Omio, ranked the 100 most popular travel destinations based on the number of free attractions, local transport costs and food and drink prices.

Cheapest travel destinations

  1. Granada, Spain
  2. Bruges, Belgium
  3. Venice, Italy
  4. Valencia, Spain
  5. Edinburgh, UK
  6. Innsbruck, Austria
  7. Cambridge, UK
  8. Seville, Spain

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Granada in Spain came out on top, ranked the cheapest holiday destination for British tourists.

The stunning city has 112 free activities on offer for tourists including an incredible 10 free museums.

Granada’s biggest attraction is the breathtaking Alhambra palace, which is also free to enter and explore.

A visitor wrote on Tripadvisor: “A memorable moment in this fascinating palace and fortress.

“An amazing monument of the Islamic architecture. A must-see if you visit Granada!”


Surprisingly, the Italian city of Venice also made the budget holiday list. Omio found that many of the city’s sights are free to visit.

These include St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal. There were also 22 museums with free entry.

Venice also has over 180 public drinking fountains which can help travellers save money on essentials.

Daytrippers will need to watch out though as a new fee for visitors is set to be introduced in 2023.

Lausanne in Switzerland was rated the most expensive holiday destination for tourists in 2023.

The city had just one free museum and only 15 attractions on offer for no cost. Another Swiss city, Bern, took the second most expensive spot.

Switzerland is one of the world’s most expensive countries and a beer could set tourists back by over £7.

Dinner for two in Lausanne came in at over £90 in Omio’s research, making it an expensive holiday destination for Brits.

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