Tower of Fantasy server downtime planned for emergency maintenance

Tower of Fantasy server downtime is on the way, meaning that you won’t be able to log into the open-world game for around two hours while emergency maintenance takes place. A Hotta Studio post announces that the Tower of Fantasy servers will be offline for two hours on November 18-19 (depending upon your region) while it addresses a bug causing a broken, potentially infinite combo between new ToF character Saki Fuwa and Samir. As such, you won’t be able to level up in Tower of Fantasy during this timeframe.

Hotta Studio says that it “will be shutting down our servers for emergency maintenance to ensure you have an excellent in-game experience in Tower of Fantasy.” Players who have reached at least level six prior to the maintenance will recieve compensation of 200 Dark Crystals for the outage. Hotta lists the issue as a bug fix, describing it as an “occasional Dual EM Stars cooldown abnormality issue when used with Heartstream.”

To explain further, this refers to an interaction between Saki Fuwa’s Heartstream, which can clear weapon skill cooldowns every five times that weapon skills are used when leveled to C1, and the C6 effect on Samir’s Dual EM Stars, where triggering an electrical explosion reduces skill cooldowns by one second. While apparently a little hard to pull off, it can cause a ridiculous pop-off of damage numbers as Samir’s skill appears to trigger Saki Fuwa’s cooldown reset and allow you to spam it infinitely.

You can watch the bug in action below:

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Tower of Fantasy server status – November 19 emergency maintenance

The Tower of Fantasy servers are expected to be down on November 19 from 12am – 2am (UTC+0). You can check the chart below to see the expected time in your regions. Hotta Studio recommends that players log off prior to the maintenance period to avoid any disruptions to gameplay.

Region Expected maintenance period
US West (PST) November 18, 4pm – 6pm
US East (EST) November 18, 7pm – 9pm
UK (GMT) November 19, 12am – 2am
Europe (CET) November 19, 1am – 3am
Australia (AEDT) November 19, 11am – 1pm

Be sure to keep an eye on our Tower of Fantasy tier list for the best weapons and simulacra to use in the anime game. We’ve also got an up-to-date list of active Tower of Fantasy codes and all the Tower of Fantasy passwords to open in-game electronic locks, which should ensure that you’re well stocked with goodies when you are able to log back in.

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