10 Disney Movies That Aren’t As Good As You Remember

Disney films are among the most beloved properties in cinema. Their heartwarming stories of love triumphing over evil make audiences feel hope and wonderment. However, for all the wonderful Disney films that exist, there are some that are not as good as viewers remember.

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Although most fans would like to keep their happy memories of watching certain Disney films, many are lackluster upon a second watch. The characters make questionable choices, the storylines are not as good, and they do not have the same magic as Disney’s best works. While fans may still love these movies, they have many flaws that are highlighted upon rewatching them.

10/10 Moana’s Protagonist Stays The Same


Moana and Maui sailing

Moana is the empowering story of a young girl who sets off on a quest to return a stolen artifact to a god. On her journey, Moana acquires a few allies and meets many foes. Although her adventure is great, fans would be hard-pressed to determine what lesson Moana learned by the end of the movie.

While she did persevere in the middle of the tale and decided to help Maui again, Moana was already known to be a hard worker who is set on her decisions. Therefore, she does not grow so much as she changes her mind. Even when she is facing Te Ka, Moana is the same confident girl fans saw at the beginning. Maui has more of a story arc than Moana does in her own movie.

9/10 Elsa And Anna Are Separated In Their Sequel

Frozen II

The main characters of Frozen II

Although Frozen was a sensational success for Disney and Frozen II was also a big hit, the second installment isn’t as good as the original. While there are many things to like about Frozen II, it is not without its flaws.

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While Frozen II‘s music is beautiful, it does not have the same charisma and heart as the first film. Additionally, many fans were disappointed to see the sisters – who had just reunited in the last film – separated yet again. Frozen II felt like fans were watching the first movie all over again, with Elsa finding herself and Anna finding inner strength and a better understanding of the world around her.

8/10 Pixar’s Attempt To Create A Disney Princess Is Lacking The Magic


Brave Merida shooting arrow

Pixar’s first crack at creating a Disney Princess with Brave was cool, but it lacked the magic that a lot of Disney Princess movies have. Brave features one of the most realistic heroes, Merida, as she fights to stay true to herself, but it gets sidelined by Elinor’s transformation.

Elinor and Merida are great characters who both have valid points about tradition and starting anew. However, these messages get sidelined once Elinor turns into a bear. Though the movie tries to show Elinor and Merida coming to an understanding, the action scenes with Mor’du, and Elinor being unable to speak, derailed the story. If Elinor had had a voice, and Mor’du had not been in it, the writers could have done more with Merida and Elinor’s story.

7/10 The Story Of Jack Skellington Is Darker Than Fans Remember

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington In The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved movie that has inspired countless films, works of art, and merchandise. However, on a second viewing, the story is a lot darker than it initially appears.

Jack Skellington essentially ruins Christmas (and almost Halloween) for everyone due to his selfishness. The children get horrifying presents, Santa Claus is tortured, and even Jack is shot out of the sky. Even before Christmas, Jack forces all his neighbors to help him prepare for a whole second holiday in only two months. Jack is an inconsiderate character who does not care what happens to anyone else and lets his town flail in his absence.

6/10 Princess Aurora Is Barely In Her Own Movie

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora and Phillip dancing in Sleeping Beauty

For a movie titled Sleeping Beauty, the titular character does not appear very often. While she is supposed to eventually fall asleep, the majority of the movie takes place before that happens. Audiences see Aurora as a baby, then as a sixteen-year-old singing in the woods, and then not again until she attempts to go into hiding and pricks her finger.

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The rest of the cast is charming, and Maleficent is one of the most iconic Disney villains of all time. Yet, Aurora lacked the development needed for fans to feel for her plight as she dipped into eternal sleep. The songs are great and Prince Philip is charming, but Aurora is only a blip in her own movie.

5/10 The Boy Who Never Grows Up Is Pretty Evil

Peter Pan

Peter convincing Wendy to come to Neverland in Disney's Peter Pan

At first glance, Peter Pan sounds like a tale full of adventure. However, when seen through an adult’s eyes, older fans realize that Peter does some rather despicable things.

Not only does Peter Pan force Wendy into coming with him, but he tries to leave Michael and John behind. He also prevents the Lost Boys from leaving and makes Wendy pretend to be their mother. Peter may be a charismatic leader, but he is also extremely manipulative toward everyone he calls his friends.

4/10 These Cats Aren’t As Exciting As They Should Be

The Aristocats

Disney The Aristocats Duchess, Marie, Berlioz, Tooloose, Thomas O'Malley

The Aristocats is an older Disney movie about a family of cats who are kidnaped and abandoned in the French countryside. Although their journey is arduous, the story does not have the same sense of adventure fans remember it having when they were children.

Duchess, her kittens, and Thomas O’Malley are playful, but ultimately superficial characters. Duchess is a proper house cat who goes back to being a proper house cat at the end of the story. Meanwhile, Thomas, who becomes a house cat, loses all his rugged charm and personality, making for a disappointing end with bland characters.

3/10 Kenai Isn’t Held Responsible For His Actions

Brother Bear

Kenai, Dehani, and Sitka from Brother Bear.

When Kenai’s laziness attracts a hungry bear, his brother Sitka sacrifices himself to save his brothers. Lost in guilt and grief, Kenai is led to a spiritual place and is transformed into a bear himself.

Brother Bear is supposed to be the story about a young man learning what it means to live on the other side of the fence. However, except for Denahi trying to attack him toward the end of the film, Kenai fails to reap any consequences for his actions. The only person who seems to even be against him is Denahi. Although Kenai learns that not all bears are bad, he never learns about being responsible or atoning for his actions. Plus, he remains a bear at the end, further complicating the story’s message.

2/10 Kevin Flynn Created A Boring Game


Flynn looking confused in Tron

Tron was one of the first films to incorporate CGI at the time of its release, and while the feat is impressive, the movie does little to back up such an achievement. Tron follows Kevin Flynn – an arcade owner – as he gets sucked into the digital world and is forced to battle to the death against other programs.

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While this sounds like an enticing premise, the battles are few and far between. Many scenes have long stretches with stark imagery and no action. Making matters worse, Tron’s story is rather convoluted from the onset. It may be a visually interesting film, but the story and action are severely lacking.

1/10 Lightning McQueen Is A Terrible Protagonist


Lightning McQueen and Mater in Radiator Springs Cars movie

At first glance, Cars has great world-building and incredible animation. Unfortunately, the movie’s hero, an arrogant race car named Lightning McQueen, is one of the most odious Disney protagonists ever.

McQueen is a misogynistic race car who is rude to nearly everyone he meets. He does his best to get out of his responsibilities and never apologizes for the damage he causes the town of Radiator Springs. McQueen only begins to change when he develops feelings for the town prosecutor, Sally. While Cars seemed like a fun, imaginative movie when it came out, viewers today see Lighting McQueen in a whole new light.

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