I’m A Celebrity fans praise Owen Warner for mental health chat

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! has seen most of the contestants pushed to their limits and brought to breaking point over the tasks or their past mistakes. One of which was Seann Walsh after he opened up about the scandal when he was photographed kissing Strictly Come Dancing partner Katya Jones whilst both in a relationship. He and Hollyoaks star Owen Warner had a candid heart-to-heart on Saturday night after Seann admitted to struggling in the first couple of days.

Seann asked: “Owen are you finding this difficult?” to which he sarcastically replied: “Washing?”

Laughing, Seann explained: “No, the jungle adventure.”

Owen admitted: “I was, but not so much. Why are you Seann?”

Seann explained: “I think for me, there’s quite a lot of anxiety in the day. If I don’t know what’s coming I do not like it. I get really panicked.

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“That’s why I pay a woman a weekly fee to help me with!” he joked.

Owen added: “It is good though, doing therapy. Like I always say to any of my mates, I fully recommend it even if you think you’re sound.

“Like it is so so good, to sit with someone, vent. Really helps sort your head out and figure out what’s going on and why it’s going on.”

In the Bush Telegraph, Owen revealed: “Something about being in here has really taught me is it’s like, wear your heart on your sleeve.

“It’s like when you’re in a game and like, you die and you go back to the first level, it’s s**t, but I know how to do these levels.”

In the Bush Telegraph, Seann praised Owen for his honesty with him: “He is such a wise young man, and he’s really, he’s really articulate and I think he is really emotionally intelligent.”

Owen continued with his encouragement: “Anyone who looks at someone’s past and judges them from that, that’s on them, that is their problem.

“Looking back on my life there is a whole path of mistakes and that. The future is going to be full of more mistakes.”

Seann told Owen: “You’re a very wise young man,” to which he laughed and admitted: “The first time I have ever been called that.”

Viewers of the show were quick to praise Owen and took to their Twitter to praise the maturity of the conversation.

@mollytpwk_ stated: “Owen has my heart,” while user @Cross2Rose commented: “Good to see men opening up and chatting about their feelings.”

Carol Monk praised: “Owen is a very likeable young man, such a lovely guy.”

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