Novak Djokovic after becoming richest tennis player: I also know what it means to have 0 euros

Novak Djokovic has earned a whopping 2,452,602 euros after four matches at the Masters in Turin. He will almost double that figure if he wins it all in the final on Sunday, in what would be the biggest payday ever for a professional tennis player.

The Serb was asked about what the check would mean to him after advancing to his eighth final.

“I know that the money you earn is official and everyone knows it,” Djokovic said. “But no one talks about what we go through or the expenses we have.”

Djokovic also made it clear that he values what he earns “because I went through a difficult childhood and I know what it means to have 0 euros in a family of five people. Let’s not forget where I come from and that my childhood was marked by war. I believe that everything I have earned has been done with the sweat of my brow.”

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