Passport of missing Levi Davis found by police as hunt continues


She told MailOnline: “This is a very worrying development because you cannot do anything in Barcelona without a passport.

“Besides travel, you cannot book into a hotel or even rent somewhere without one. We know that his phone and two bank accounts have been untouched since he disappeared and so this is another blow.

“There have been a few sightings of someone looking like Levi near La Boqueria Market and the Arc de Triomf monument over the last week but sadly we are not sure it’s him.

“We remain hopeful but there have been no confirmed reports of Levi since the day he disappeared on October 29 and we are becoming increasingly concerned.

“We’re very grateful to the police, particularly the Mossos D’esqurdra, and the British Consulate who are working very hard to find Levi.

“This is the worst feeling in the world not knowing where Levi is. We just hope he is ok and want him home as soon as possible.”


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