Russian TV cuts off pundit’s microphone after he questions Army

Viktor Olevich pointed out that NATO is not attempting to spark any conflict with Russia but he was soon cut off when his microphone “stopped working”. He said: “US and NATO allies are not planning and at this moment don’t want to start a direct military conflict between NATO and Russia.”

The host interjected: “Viktor, please stop because your microphone stopped working.

“Our colleagues will swap it for you.”

After Olevich got a handheld microphone, he repeated his statement which forced the presenter to remind him that “it’s not working out”.

It comes as Russian airstrikes targeted Ukraine’s energy facilities again Thursday as the first snow of the season fell in Kyiv, a harbinger of the hardship to come if Moscow’s missiles continue to take out power and gas plants as winter descends.

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Separately, the United Nations announced the extension of a deal to ensure exports of grain and fertilizers from Ukraine that were disrupted by the war. The deal was set to expire soon, renewing fears of a global food crisis if exports were blocked from one of the world’s largest grain producers.

Even as all sides agreed to extend the grain deal, air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine on Thursday.

At least seven people were killed and more than two dozen others wounded in the drone and missile strikes, including one that hit a residential building, authorities said.

The Kremlin’s forces have suffered a series of setbacks on the ground, the latest being the loss of the southern city of Kherson.

Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday visited the site where the missile landed and expressed understanding for Ukraine’s plight.

“It is a hugely difficult situation for them and there are great emotions, there is also great stress,” Duda said.

The renewed bombings come as many Ukrainians are coping with the discomforts of regular blackouts and heating outages.

A light snow dusted the capital Thursday, where the temperature fell below freezing.

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