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Shraddha murder case: ‘She wanted to end relationship with Aftab but wasn’t allowed’

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New Delhi: As the probe into Shraddha murder case by Delhi Police progresses with each passing day, new facts in the case are coming to the fore. Though police are yet to find the exact motive for the murder of Mumbai girl by her live-in partner, it is being suggested by police that Shraddha wanted to her her relationship with Aftaf Poonawala but he allegedly did not allow her to do.

The police that are still piecing together the puzzle of the murder case have based their suggestion on Shraddha Walkar’s chats with her friends.

Intoxicated on day of murder

During interrogation, Aftab has reportedly told police that he was on drugs the day he allegedly killed his live-in partner. Citing police sources, the report also suggested that Aftab took cannabis and was indeed intoxicated on the day of murder, accorsing to a report in Times of India.

Shraddha reportedly reprimanded Aftab for taking drugs and did so on the day of her murder too.

Shraddha’s friends claim she was a victim of Aftab’s violence and reportedly refuted that her murder was a result of Aftab’s drug use.

Shraddha wanted to file a complaint

According to Shraddha’s colleague, she often asked for leave due to her alleged injuries. Some of Shraddha’s friends alleged that she was assaulted by Aftab in November 2020.

One Godwin Rodrigues had met Shraddha through a common friend. He said he had accompanied the girl to a police station at Tulinj in Nalasopara (East) to file a complaint but she was asked to her medical done. She later changed her mind.

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